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Gratitude is an art.

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1 month ago

A friend of mine once commented on the fact that I have really good friends... I just grinned had a very wide grin on my face.

But, if only I had allowed that communication to linger, I would have gone ahead to tell him how it's my mum that first taught me how to build solid relationships with people.

I would have told him how my mum would always appreciate every single thing done for her by someone else. How she doesn't even stop at her own close friends, but also extends this to her children.

I still remember that almost all the Corp members that served in my school that always gifted me one thing or the other due to good academic performance always gets a phone call from my mum... Just to say "Thank you".

If she knows the person's house, trust me, she's going there to drop appreciation too!

Those days I used to feel like she's truly overdoing because I simply don't see a reason that I'll perform well in class and I get a gift as a compensation for my hard work and you are still calling the gifter to thank him.

You didn't see my own part of the efforts too?

But growing up now, I can only realize the level of childishness in those thoughts.

And yeah! She hasn't stopped that yet! My very close friends would very much agree to this.

Build solid Relationships!

You never know how tomorrow could be.

God gave us gifts!

And those gifts are in men!

I might have as well put a bold caption before the write-up or tag it "Learn to appreciate"

But No! There are no hard and fast rules to these things!

Start exactly where you want.

Appreciate those seemingly little kind gestures.

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple effect!

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