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You look happier

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1 year ago
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"Elly, at last Tita allowed us to go out" Nica said. You can actually see in her face the smile and excitement to go out with me.

"Couz no. I don't like this, look at me it doesn't suit on my baldy head" "it's very embarrassing" I said that stops her from looking for my clothes to wear.

"But couz ever since you have come from the states, you didn't even get out of the house. Don't you want to have some fun and maybe we can see Jake as well " Nica said while holding my hand to comfort me.

"HAHAHAH are you kidding? you know I left him for no reason right?" I smiled at her while wiping my back tears

"But he promised to you that he will wait for you" she said , that makes me think of our memories back then.


"Babe what if I'll leave will you wait for me?" I said.

"Why? You're leaving?" He asked before looking at my face that I immediately shook my head.

"Ofcourse not! I just want to know your answer that's why and perhaps I have no reason to leave you, and if that happens where would I go?" I fake a smile.

"Well of course I'll wait for you no matter where you go. Remember I promised to you that you will be my one and only? No matter how long it is I'll wait for you.”


I remembered those words from him and until now I'm still hoping for his promised.

"Let's go?" Nica's invite which I nodded even though I'm not comfortable and not ready to see Jake in case.

We quietly traveled to the mall to shop.

I miss this! Everytime we're bored we go directly to the mall. Buy whatever we want and watch our favorite movie.

I have been confined to our house and to hospital for several years so I think I deserve giving myself a break.

"Woaahh best! I miss you! Thanks God tita allowed you to hang out with us. Said by my one and only best friend here in the Philippines.

"You're still have a noisy and annoying mouth Denise" I smiled at her.

"Well girl aren't you informed that this is natural? Hahaha" she slides right into my elbow.

"Am I part in this?" Nica said when Denise and I walked.

"Opps sorry! I thought nobody's with us" Jokingly Denise said to Nica.

I miss this.

We just ate random foods that we like and played in the arcade.

"Girls let's go watch a movie" I said while the two are lying in the chair because they're so full.

"That's a great idea! I like that" Nica suddenly stands up with an excitement on her smile.

"Okay, I'll buy the tickets for us" Denise raised her hand.

"Me and couz will buy the pop corn and drinks" Nica smiled at me immediately with a wide smile and a nod.

"Are you happy couz?"she asked as we walked into the pop corn line.

"Sup-- Jake" seemed like I stop walking when I saw my boyfriend in the pop corn line too.

"Huh! Jake your boyfriend?where is he?"

"Chantal, this is our pop corn" I hear Jake telling that to a meztisa woman.

That brought me tears.

Why they seem so happy?

The way he look at the girl is so different from the way he looked at me before.

Who is Chantal?

"Couz let's just go home"

"Elly you're favorite movie Harry Potter will release today!" Denise shouted.

"Shit that voice" I whispered.

"Why didn't you buy a pop corn yet?" She asked.

Nica explained to her everything so we went home to avoid personal contact with Jake and his new girlfriend. It's very painful seeing the one you love looks happier without you. But I have to accept the consequence because I was the one who left him in the first place.

"Mom, I can borrow my cellphone?" I asked mom when we got home.

"I'm sorry but your dad broke your cellphone and simcard"

"Can I borrow yours?"

"What are you going to do?" She asked me before getting her cellphone in her bag.

It's been a year without my cellphone.

I immediately made a new account because I knew my old account was hacked.

Yet I did it immediately and chased Jake's account and chatted him.

I can't believe he has anyone else, I am still hoping that Chantal is not his new girlfriend.

I know he wouldn't break his promises.

I was nervous on chatting him right away.

"Babe, who's with you lately? It's like you're close! Is she your cousin?"

I waited for his reply before I shed tears when I read his response.

"No, She's my first girlfriend.

She bring me back to life again from those time you left me for no reason."

Maybe it was my fault, I left him for no reason but I didn't want to. I don't want to have bad blood in my brain I don't want to have a stage 4 cancer.

"Did you know that day you promised me. I want to tell you that I just ran away from home to see you because my family didn't want you because of the accident with the motorcycle.

I hold on to that promised before I was taken to the states for surgery.

Yes I didn't tell you because I don't want you to worry and blame yourself if I died.

I tried to call you the day we were leaving but my cellphone took off so I couldn't reach out you.

Sorry if I left you without saying goodbye.

But it's already too late because many years passed by before I came back here."

Those are the words came out from my mouth and I really wanted to tell him this "I'm really sorry if I hurt your feelings" but then I realized what for? He already happy with his new girl.


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Written by   113
1 year ago
Topics: Story, Writing
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Too hard for me to read. Sorry

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1 year ago

She had the reason maybe it's just a misunderstanding but she must move on cause a man holding a promise for years won't last, even the most loyal will get bored on that promise and find a new one specially if there's no update nor news about the person he or she's waiting.

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1 year ago