Why did you forget me?

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2 years ago
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"Who are you?-" the way she asked who I was- was enough to kill me just imagine my own girlfriend asking who I was.

"its me love Trevor" her forehead creased as she look at her mother confused, my girlfriend got an accident causing her memories to fade, causing her to forget me, she had an amnesia what's worst? I'm the only one she forgets.

"mom who is he? where's Morgan?" that caught me off guard I couldn't stopped my tears when my girlfriend ask for her ex in front of me, it's crashing me down!

"Chloe, Trevor is your boyfriend sweetie" she shook her head, its really hurts!

"mom where's Morgan? love! love!" she shouted looking for her ex, love that endearment was for me only. A minute later a guy entered the room and hugged Chloe, she cried harder and hide herself behind Morgan's back. She was afraid of me, I can see it in her eyes. Morgan is my friend, I saw how worried he was when he look at me, but at the same time I pity myself because it feels like I'm not the one she wants. She still hide herself and even hold his hands, jeez love your killing me.

Before I went outside I look at them but then my tears fell down because of the pain felt. I went outside because I couldn't take it anymore. I saw how Chloe holds Morgan's hands tightly. I smiled bitterly and watch them looking so sweet.

I went to the bar just to cool off I just couldn't handle the pain, I felt pain a lot today.

"Trev" he tap my shoulder and look at the bottle of beer which has no beer inside because I finished it all.

"You know what Morgan" I smiled bitterly "none in my wildest dream to cry because of a woman, I didn't wish this to happen but here I am looking like an idiot crying because I can't do nothing about it. She can't even look me straight, I felt like I'm the bad guy whenever she hides herself from me."

"I hate you" I suddenly laugh.

"but because my girlfriend doesn't remember me, and she remember's you instead and what's worst she choose you over me. I have no choice but to accept it" I stand up and look at him then I walk away after.

"take care of my girl Morgan don't break her heart" the last word I said after I left.

Time flies so fast di ko namalayan na nandito na ako sa simbahan watching my girl marry his man that I thought was me, I already accept it, but it just hurt so much knowing that we'd end like this, I smiled bitterly watching them from afar looking so happy, while here I am, hoping I would wake up from this nightmare.

I just could'nt accept the fact that she forgets me easily.

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Oh dear... That was bad and I feel sad for Chloe 😟

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