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The place where is love (XXVI)

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1 month ago
Topics: Romance, Fiction, Series

“Is this true?”

“Look at this! Ace’s fans almost grew their eyes, when they saw Asher Brooks’ photo with a date. “OMG, Asher is here! But who, who’s that girl?”

“I’m also curious, base on her attire looks like she’s not a celebrity.” A fan can’t help to stare again on her cellphone, “She was lucky, she dated Asher. . . So maybe, Asher is on vacation.”

“Are they going to get married?” There seemed to be regrets in their voices.

“it happened a month ago, why is this news just spreading?” He immediately dropped the cellphone on his center table.

“I’m also wondering about that Asher, there were lots of reporters outside as well as in the office.”

He looks devastated on what he noticed about the five photos at different angle, however Callie wasn’t captured by the picture. Again he look at Zed. “Fix that, I don’t want these news will go to Callie’s broadcasting, I’m sure she’ll be surprise the moment she sees these pictures too.” He was shaken in no time, he thought everything was quiet between them, specially Callie is already happy with their relationship.

“I told you, you can’t hide who you really are.”

“Zed please.”

“Asher, Callie will know and know the truth. Don’t expect too much, you can’t hide your true life.”

“Not now please, I'm still building my gutts to confess her everything” he turned around and went straight to his room, he had to get dressed and would still fetch his girlfriend from work

After entering he immediately closed the door, he leaned back and briefly closed his eyes….

There’s a lot of light around, light of mobile cars and ambulances… taking Camille’s body as they leave the old factory, messing with his mind when Camille took her hand and put her on the strecher. “Camille.”

“Mr. Brooks, come with us first.”

He stopped and looked at the authorities, he was blown away even though he wanted to accompany Camille to the hospital.

He was taken to the precinct, to an office he was placed and seated. “I have to go and check that kid.”

The police turned to him, “Sorry Mr. Brooks, but we won’t allow you to be released. “

His face was lifted and looked at them. “Who said?”

“It was command to us, specially this is for your career. Let’s just wait for your lawyer as well.”

“But, I wanna know what happened to Camille” He stood up, “Please, I’m begging you. I need to know the child’s condition.”

“We will tell you right away, once we got an information.” It responded and signaled to the comrades and immediately left the office.

Asher sat down again, holding his hair and almost overthink about what happened

Until a person enters, this is probably his lawyer. Again he stood up

“Mr. Brooks, I’m Atty. Commen please sitdown.”

He rested loosely and sat down again, seeing it sitting in his chair. And some papers were released.

“Please sign it all, so that it will not affect your career.”

“What?” He asked

“Please, sign this Mr. Brooks. This is for the better, so that your hardships will not lost because of this issue.”

“What is this all about?” He took the paper but didn’t read it first, he just stared at the lawyer

“It’s a personal problem, between Camille and the management that holds you back.”

“Wait, I don’t. . . Understand.”

“Just please sign this.”

He just stared on the things what the lawyer gave to him.. It’s already stated on the papers that he will be paying all the bills on Camille’s hospitalization. The incident took almost four hours, but here it was… As if, everything was ready. He shooked his head and immediately took the ballpen in its hand at the same time, he don’t know what is this all about and what personal issue is there, but he wanted to know what really happened to Camille.

“Thank you. You can go home now.”

“What?” he didn’t answer it anymore, however a smile was given to Ace

He came to his senses and started to shaken his head again. “I have to tell her everything before I get caught.” he whispered.

“Asher’s in a relationship seriously?” Tacy asked and look at her manager. “And who is that woman?”

“We don’t have any idea, the girl looks like a mystery. But in its form and appearance, she was just an ordinary girl.”

“Oh really, I should be back. And besides, he already enjoyed his vacation. He forgot maybe we still had a movie to work on.” Tacy looked back in the mirror and put a red lipstick on her lip.

“Almost three months on, he’s still not returning to that project.”

“I’m sure he’ll be back when I get home.”And she looked at herself in the mirror.

“And I like to meet this woman as well"

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Written by   74
1 month ago
Topics: Romance, Fiction, Series
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