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It's my night class right now and I am so desperate to go to the restroom because I'm having a stomach ache. When I reach the restroom suddenly there's no electricity, I literally can't see anything and I'm afraid in darkness specially if I'm alone. But because of this stomach ache I endured the fear. Since it's very dark I accidentally went to the wrong door. I really have no idea that the restroom I entered was for males.

"Prott... " the sound of shit coming out of my a**. This all because of the food I ate early I didn't know that it was spoiled.

"Why is it there's a smell of cigarettes here! That's scary"I said in my mind that I could smell cigarette smoke.

Suddenly the light came back.

"Are you sure bro?" a guy asking someone.

"Yes, tomorrow after the play I will tell her" replied by the familiar voice.

I think he's going to confess to the girl he likes.

"How about your bestfriend Tina? She likes you right?" He added

"I know but she's just a friend to me and that won't go any further."

"You're not scared? Reese is the girlfriend of Mikey and we both know he's famous here in the campus, aren't you afraid?" He asked.

"They already broke up, so he can't do anything. I think Reese also likes me so I'll grab the opportunity"

Suddenly something seemed to hit the other door of the rest room.

"prottt.. "I'm super embarrassed.

Soon someone came out from the toilet. And I heard its sudden punch in the mirror and when he came out of the restroom I immediately cleaned up my hands and when I came out I saw that the mirror had broken and it has a trace of blood.

I didn't forget what I heard earlier. Annd as the day of my crush confession came I was really thinking of a plan to stop my crush's plan.


People shouted at theater after I turned off the power switch for fear that my crush will confess to the girl he likes. Although I was afraid of the dark I endured it and now I was reaping the floor like a dog. Suddenly someone stuck to my lips which made my eyes bigger than a tarsier. I know it's also a lip but a man's lips. I immediately punched his face so he fell down. Slowly I touched the floor but I think something's wrong because I am touching someone's private part so I screamed and kicked the man in front of me since everyone was shouting so I'm lucky because he can't have his revenge. I immediately stood up and slammed the door. I immediately went out and again I saw light. No one else came out the door I was going through because it was behind the theater. When I remembered the man I had beaten earlier I immediately ran away from the theater because he might come out too. I went to the cafeteria and bought something to eat because I was hungry for what I did.

"two cheeseburger and an apple juice please" I said but the suddenly I saw a hotdog and remembered the scenario earlier which I accidentally touched someone's private part.


"If you are not interested about our product then don't buy here" the vendor said.

"No, you are mistaken. I'm so sorry" I apologized then I paid for what I ordered.

I went out from the cafeteria and went to my favorite place which is the garden and there ate my order. My mouth was full of cheeseburger and I laughed as I thought of my crush's confession failed because of me. Just call me what you want but what can I do, if my cupid hits me. I got something caught in my throat because of my laugh and I almost cried because of that. But then someone patted my back and gave me my juice.

"Ahh, what a relief thank you...I thought I was going to die " I said

The man sat next to me and took my hamburger then took my juice and drank it too.

"Hey!" I yell at him.

"It doesn't mea you helped me you have the right to take my food! have some respect!"

"Huh really Ms. Christina Dela Cruz?" he said.

"Why do you know my name!? "I was worried when he suddenly raised my ID

"Why do you have my ID? " I said when I saw my ID he was holding.

I immediately pulled it off and was surprised because I knew the person I was facing today, he's Mikey the famous and mighty Mikey. Well he's a heartthrob here in school that's why he's known. I wonder how does my ID went to him.

"You're curious why I have you ID" he said annoyingly.

"Don't tell me... "I answered him but I stopped suddenly.

"Yes it's me! I'm the one you kissed at the Theater! And not just that! You also touched my private part. And lastly you have the guts to punch in the face? Like wtf?! I'm the ex of the woman who had been performing earlier on the stage and was planning to turn off the lights because I knew that crazy guy who was his partner in the play will confess to her and I didn't want that to happen! But thank you for turning off the lights on time. But why? What's your reason?"

"A... ahh.. I'm sorry!"I have nothing else to say but that's all.

"I don't want to accept your sorry! "he replied directly.

"huh? "I said

"You know I have a hard time making that plan because I will lose my honor as a man but because I love her I forget that."he said

"I like the guy! He's my crush. So I did that because I heard him talk to his friend in the restroom... " As I continue to talk he suddenly interrupts.

"Restroom of men!?"he suddenly asked

"Huh? Ah eh..?"shame on me

"So that was you! HAHAHA" he laugh

"What do you mean?.. " shame on me as I remember the night of our night class when I was having a hard time in my stomach ache.

"HAHAHA" he laugh loudly

"Your hands are okay right?" I asked

"Your stomach how was it?" I was ashamed of him asking that.

"Dang it, the smell! I still prefer to smell a cigarette!Hahaha" he teased.

"Hey! Why are you like that you're talking to me as if we're close!" I said coz I'm really annoyed.

"Right!"he said and stood up "Uhm- no! Starting today we're close. You're my comrade!" He said.

"Comrade? What?!"

"I'm not yet forgiving you for what you've done to me so being my comrade you can pay for that. Whenever I call, you need to go with me! Or else you'll be paying for neglecting it. Clear?" He said loudly and left.

"Comrades? Crazy bastard! "I have nothing to say but that.

Because of what happened the plan didn't go on success. I was walking with my best friend Matthew to class. We also met his friend, Aaron.

"Hello Matt, hello to you Tina" Aaron greeted me with a laugh behind us.

"Tina? HAHAHA"

And it was Mikey. He teased me but I just stopped myself. He just looked at us and passed through the middle of us he pushed Matthew further. Yes my crush is my crush. Even though I heard what he said in the restroom but I still couldn't change the fact that I like him.

Days had passed I have received the orders of Mikey and I couldn't resist for it and obey them all. Sometimes he even takes me on his way and treats me nicely. Which has benefits to me too. We always follow my crush and his ex wherever they go. One time we followed them I was surprised that Jacob was gone while we were just laughing so he fell into the ditch of the old man.

We also tried to audition the play so we could watch the two more and more and we would always have them play and yes we were accepted but we got kicked out right away, because of our jealousy we are not doing our roles right.

We also went to the cinema but not to date but to follow his ex and Jacob. We have a very funny experienced that time because of the horror we watched and we were both scared we threw the pop corn and we encountered a fight. More and more we met each other. We did our best to keep an eye of my crush and his ex. And yes we did it!

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