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The escape of a murderer (part III)

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10 months ago

"What happened? What's with the text and why you're shaking?"he was still curious as he approached the phone that had been thrown to the floor. I couldn't speak right away because of the mixed panic and fear that had engulfed my whole body today. I seem to be stoned in my seat and I would like to speak too without knowing what to say.

"Beware Sheldon?" read the text message I just received.

"Who's it? Why is it unknown from your contact?"he added.

"I-I don't know! How would I know what the number is?!"I answered sarcastically.

"Okay!"he objected to me but it was obvious that he didn't seem to believe me. He even came to me again and returned the phone I had fallen for. He looks like he doesn't care about the weird happening right now.

After he returned my phone he calmly walked over to the table and drank some water.

Looking at him makes me think about something. Is he numb or I'm just overreacting?

I just stared at him as he drank water. I look forward to the right opportunity to reopen the conversation between us. After he drank, he looked at me and said,

"Stop doing that! It's scary 'you look at it."

I will often come to him as I try to chase my breath just to confront him.

"Won't it be more scary 'to eat food that neither of us cooked?

Imagine, right here at home the food is cooked while you were at HQ and while I am sleeping!"my dear.

From there the wonder fled to his face. In my case he just got me seriously after I told him.

"S-so you mean, you did not cook it?"he said.

"No!" I replied.

The two of us were quiet at that time being but obvious as he looked like he was just trying to speak again.

"Sheldon aren't you just stress? You may be unconsciously cooked then you can't remember because your mind is too focused on Carin's murder case? or something like that, "he was very upset.

"What?! You can't be serious!"I said at the same time turned away from him. "That's impossible because my mental health is okay," I added in my low tone because I wasn't even sure if my mind was still stable.

"Stress, anxiety or depression can cause forgetfulness' bro. You may have been drowning in sadness over what happened to Carin, "he said, even though I doubted myself.

Silence again resonated with both of us. I can't argue anymore because Raj has a point too. I'm a bit forgetful and honestly I'm very focused on the case, which may be why I'm dreaming of Carin.

"'Bro try to relax. Then don't spend the rest of your life in the case. If Carin is here, she'll probably get mad.

I'll rest in the room first. If you need something, take care of it. I'm sleepy!"he continued before finally leaving. I was left near the sofa. I seem disturbed by something I cannot determine what.

I can't blame Raj for thinking I'm losing my mental health because I don't even know if my brain is still in order. Who wouldn't lose himself if someone killed his beloved in life right? To think they were four, I just thought about losing.

There I dropped my body on the sofa and clung to sleep alone. Out of nowhere, a thought just popped out in my mind saying,

"If only I could turn back the time... I'll definitively save them."


"Kali what?"Carin repeats what I said in her confused tone. This is the first time I've mentioned to her my team's look forward project.

As she was busy stirring the coffee, I continued to talk.

"Yes! Kali. It's the Hindu goddess of death and doomsday, "I explained to her to relieve her confusion. She quickly stopped putting a coffee mix in the cups and confronted me.

"I see!"she said delightfully as she was wonderstruck by it.

I couldn't help but smile after seeing her reaction still blowing. In my case she would enjoy what I was talking about. Then she turned around to continue to stir the coffee.

"So how come your project will be called Kali? I thought it was about..." She was cut off because before she could finish what she wanted to say I immediately spoke to make everything clear about Kali.

"Yes you know it right! Kali is designed to achieve time travel.

Her name is Kali again derived from Sanskrit, because Kali is not just a goddess of death and doomsday. She's also the goddess of time, "I explain.

It was only a matter of time that she also confronted me with two cups of coffee in her hand, so I immediately came to pick them up. We sat down at the dining table as I waited for her to speak again because I didn't really know if she would still like to talk about Kali.

She sighed in the cup and then again she continued to ask questions.

"Then why Kali?"

I mean, you said earlier that Kali in Hindu means goddess of death and doomsday, right?"she was sure that I was answered by the nod.

"There's a lot of time gods in there. Is Deus or Cronus' not?"she said once again sip coffee.

I also tasted coffee as I thought about what I would say to her next.

"You don't want the name Kali?"I ask economically.

"No its not like that. ... the creepy is just because of the background and history of the name.

It's like it brings chaos, destruction and extinction, "she pointed to her serious and seemingly distressing tone.

I couldn't help but laugh because of her answer. I never really thought she'll take it seriously to this content.

"What are you laughing at?"she said.

"Nothing! It's just that I can't believe you're being serious about Kali.

As far as I know, you have no interest in these things. And that's exactly the reason why I'm laughing right now, "I explained.It takes me by surprise because her fur rise.

"Oh you're scared?!"I reap in a lot of laughter because Carin is not really credible in fictional entities. Strange but funny hahahahaha!

"No I wasn't!"she denied.

I take a zip so I could not speak right away. That was probably Carin's chance to continue speaking.

"The weird thing is! I'm not scared right now. I do not understand why my fur rose suddenly, "she continued.

"You've been overwhelmed by the caffeinated drinks love."

She barely raised her eyebrows and said, "Neither do! Maybe that's just a sign that you should replace Kali. Why not Deus? or Cronus?"

I could scarcely pour coffee into my mouth because of what she said. She's more interested than I anticipated. When she saw me holding back the laughter she was red and spoke constantly.

"Okay nevermind"

Then what should I do? First of all I'm not included in your team. Secondly, I'm not into that topics and lastly..."she said because she ran out of words.

"Lastly..."she tried again but she had nothing to say.

"Lastly what?"I feel sorry for my laughter.

Suddenly she filled me with a sharp gaze. Looking her like that I can say anytime soon she'll be mad. And when that happens, bloody good will happen again.

"Lastly, whatever name we come up with, that would never change my love for you. I will always love you, every day and until death," I said to her. But her face didn't look serious.

As I hugged her tightly I whispered and said, "I love you forever and always Carin."

She also answered a hug to me so I was reassured. For a long time I felt this pleasure.

But not long ago that enthusiasm suddenly had a voice that suddenly spoke to me.

"You killed me Shelly! You killed me!"

I was so overwhelmed by the tight hug of Carin after hearing her voice inside my head.

My week is in different directions and in every corner of the house just to look where does the voice came from.

"Sheldon, you okay? What's going on with you?"said Carin while trying her very best to calm me down.

"It's all your fault!

You killed me!"

To be continued......

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Written by   113
10 months ago
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