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My sketchbook knows

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10 months ago

Most women dream of getting married to the man who holds their hearts, and Celine is one of them. She didn't deny it. Since before she had imagined in her mind where she's going to get married, what she's going to wear, the song to play as she walks by the isle straight to her beloved, and who the groom she wanted.

“Today is a perfect day to get married.” Celine smiled at herself, holding a Biedermeier bouquet. It consists of different types of five-layered flower that formed a ring and in different colors. She was wearing a simple off-shoulder, white dress, accented with pearls on the linings. Her hair was styled to look like a rose.

The sky is very clear now. The wind is not cold and the sun is not too hot. It looks like the weather is going to be good today.

Gradually people came and saw her from the window and saw the broad smile of them. She could not help but remeinence that specific day...

She sat near the shore and held her sketch book, trying to draw the magnificent sea view surrounded by mountains and illuminated by the sun, next to her and her friends.

“You always keep drawing the sceneries but you never even tried to draw me,” she slammed into him as he wiped his damp hair from the sea.

Celine was slightly stunned by what she was doing and looked at how Gab was smiling. He has a feature of being a korean because of his small eyes,white skin, tall height, and a thick eyebrow. “Why should I draw you when I know in the first you're not a good view” she responded seriously before returning to what she's drawing.

They have been like this for a long time. They didn't take it seriously because they knew each other since they were a kid, so words like that doesn't hurt them at all.

“that's why no one would attempt to court you because of your seriousness.” Celine stopped of what she's doing but couldn't take a look of Gab because he now wears his white t-shirt to change.

“that's why no one would attempt to court me because I prefer no to.” she cleared to him and now sits beside her.

“Whatever.” Gab's response was not in mood here. He stood up and handed her his hand that Celine had just stared at. “let's go, let's just take a walk to dry my shorts before returning home!” he said to her.

A sigh was released by Celine before Gab's hand was taken and pulled upright. They took their belongings and decided to take a walk near the ocean until they reached a hill where an old church stood.

Many people were there and had a wedding decoration.

The two sat nearby while watching the crowd applaud as the newlywed was coming out from inside the church. They are look happy and very much in love. “ Here comes the newlywed!”their guests shouted in the midst of applause and scream.

Celine smiled as she watched them. She only attended one wedding and was only five years old. She doesn't remember that much because like any other child, all she wanted was to play with the other kids.

“Do you want to get married someday?”

Gradually her curve lips became a line. She glared at Gab looking at the church seriously. People are leaving and they are definitely heading to the reception area.

“We are still sixteen but you're asking me that? Seriously? ”

“Well you can actually answer it right away if you want to since it's just answerable by yes or no” Gab cut off what he had to say while meeting her eyes. He looked serious.

Celine was swallowed up because she didn't know why this was so serious about the question from him, “Sure,” she answered and stared at the church.

“then what's your dream wedding dress?”

Celine thought. 'What is it?’

She pictured herself being a bride to the man she loves and a wide smile automatically painted on her lips. “Maybe it's just white gown... the off-shoulder one,” she said dreamily. “My hair will be styled like a rose. Then the bouquet will be shape round with different flowers.”

Daniel also smiled at her description, “how about the wedding song?”

Celine put the index finger on her chin and thought slightly, “Born for You by David Pomeranz. Because it means, I am destined to be yours.”

Gab fix his seat and also imitated the details that she was telling him.

“Any wedding destinations you have in mind?” he asked further.

“At Saint Ignatius Chapel in Baguio City,” no doubt of answering. She was still smiling and doesn't want to get out of her imagination.

She had just returned to her head when her mother called her, “Celine! Come on and maybe we'll be late.”

They are currently in a lodge house near Saint Ignatius Chapel. They stood up to follow her mother while a smile on her face is still there. She gave a final glance and her reflection at the full-body mirror.

“Off-shoulder, white gown, check.” she whispered. “Rose-styled hair, check.”She looked while holding a bouquet, “And lastly, a round bouquet of various flowers. Check check!” she smiled at her reflection before finally leaving the room.

She closed the door tightly and walked to the hallway out. A white car was waiting for them outside - the vehicle that would take her to the chapel.

Saint Ignatius Chapel is located inside the PMA compound. There is a stairway going there and surrounded by some trees. She always dreamed of getting married to a place like this - simple, quiet, and has a beautiful view. A perfect place where she would promise to love and cherish her groom till death do they part.

The door opened to get off the car and climb the stairs, where she was sure Gab was waiting, She couldn't help but look back

When they returned that same day she immediately sat at the foot of her bed, released another sketchbook she had kept under the bed, and spread pages containing sketches she had in her beloved which is Gab.

Her fingers crossed the young man's face as she spoke in mind. She was shivere because her long time crush/ best friend asked her about her dream wedding, 'it is also possible that he has a secret crush at me?'questioning herself in mind.

That sketchbook was filled with her favorite memories of the young lad but she never had the courage to let him know how she truly feels. Then, when they are in their right age, or when she truly understands the concept of love, that is what she always put in mind before she'll confess.

At last, she's now at the final step.

She walked to the door and she heard the pianist playing the song she like while walking down the aisle. She also look at Gab with a smile. He looks great wearing a royal blue suit hugging his broad shoulders, his jawline became more prominent as they are grew older, and his eyes reflected love.

People were on their way and she noticed that Gab was staring at her as well.

But she knew it was just an illusion. She slowly turned to the woman behind her. She looks like a princess in the wedding gown she is wearing and still crying because it will finally walk to the altar to the man she's been waiting .

Celine gave the bouquet to the bride before facing forward again. She looked up to prevent the grain of the swirling holes from pouring out of her eyes.

"Today is a perfect day to get married,' her brain said. 'I am at the chapel where I want to share my vow to the man I love, wearing the dress I dream of while my favorite song is playing as I walk down the aisle, and my groom is happily waiting at the altar... but, too bad, I'm not his bride".

The End.

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Written by   113
10 months ago
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great article. Ive been following your article and you did good everytime keep it up.

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10 months ago

Thanks for appreciating, just keep in touch coz there will be more articles coming☺️

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