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"JESUS Christ, Ley! What the heck are you wearing?!"Bliss opened to me. She almost spilled the juice she's drinking, the moment she laid her eyes at me.

I smiled at her and spin like a model. I'm wearing my new leopard print mini skirt and tube. Of course anyone who will see my outfit will drop their jaws!

"Duh, Bliss! You told me there's going to be a party later, right? And that guy named..."I immediately stop and think, trying to recall that guy's name again.

I saw how Bliss' two eyebrows met as I watched quietly. She then put down her glass at the bar counter and still crosses arms!

"For pete's sake, Ley. His name is Justin! You're rich in seductive form but you're lacking in memory plus."

I rolled my eyes at her. It's sometimes annoying when you have a friend who is super talented. As in every time you met? You will look like a fool.

"I'm not that old! You're just smart, "I said. I then flipped my perfectly curled hair and turned away.

Bliss again sat on the wooden stool of the bar counter and focusing on her cellphone. I had little eyes on her but she didn't even noticed me.

This girl, I noticed she always had a textmate. The question is, who? Because apart from Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, no other man could ever draw the attention of her.

Perks of being a bookworm.

I shook my head and look in the mirror. I can smell something fishy but it's up to her first. I have more important things to accomplish and that's to seduce that commoner named—ah just! Commoner handsome!

"Where the heck is Nico and why can't I see him these past few days?"I asked Bliss while I'm busy scanning myself on the mirror.

"Why are you asking? Miss him?"

My eyebrow arched heavy wards after Bliss' response. My goodness! Is she serious?!

"Bliss! What the heck are you saying? My god! Don't say ridiculous things that can make me feel bad. Please -"

"Then don't ask me! I don't have the idea where your flirty fiancé is. Maybe he went to the party or busy flirting somewhere."

I stopped staring at my stained glass reflection and quickly turned Bliss over. This girl, sometimes I don't understand if Nico and I are just old or that she is Esther of "The Orphan". Kind of crazy, just pretending to be a teenager, near the menopausal stage. She's always hot tempered.

Bliss' look made me stare. Is it trouble?

"I feel bad about our mission today when you wear it—"

"What's wrong with dress? I look hot and sexy as always! But of course it's different now," I said. "Look, you yourself said the commoner was there at the party, right? So, I came prepared!"

I saw Bliss slapped her face as if I said something stupid. I throw her a sharp stare while holding back, not to throw a fit.

What the heck is her problem?

"Hey" I called her. "What on earth is your problem and it seems like heaven and earth are breaking you? Even my beauty is — "

"Nico is my problem!"she shouted at me. "You both want to end this engagement but you don't take things seriously."

She even stood up and walked straight to me. Again she hardly stared at me which I took a step backward.

"How can you say that you can persuade Justine in wearing that when he's going to that party as a server and not as the host! "

I was dumbfounded with Bliss' sudden outburst. I just shook my head. It might be too much coffee so it is.

"Hello ladies now we welcome you-what the hell, Ley?!"Nico opened the door. He even covered his eyes with one hand, but could still be seen peeping.

"Assh*le!"I blinked at him but he still didn't care. I even put on my coat just to cover myself once again.

I stared at him and from there formed a troubling idea in my mind. I started walking closer to Nico while slowly removing the belt of my black coat. That jerk noticed my approach so he started to retreat as he raised two hands in front of me.

"Ley, whatever you're planning on Stop it if you don't want to—"

"Repent? Why would I regret when you're enjoying the view?"I said in a very selective way.

I again took a step forward towards Nico and saw how his pale face turned into a deeper shade of red. But I haven't finished there yet. I even enveloped both of my arms around his neck and leaned closer, closing a few inches of our distance.


Nico closed his eyes and waited for my next move. I was about to burst into laughter when suddenly something went wrong behind me.

"What the f*ck?!"I turned around and saw Bliss' sharp gaze. "What the hell is your problem—"

"You look so gross! . "When you make a miracle, get a room and stay out of my sight. You two are gross!"

Before I could even say anything she quickly marched out. Nico left us inside Bliss' private villa. My eyebrows automatically arched when I shifted my gaze beside me. Nico's eyes still closed.

Once again I approached Nico's face and slap my little coat.

Clarkson seriously stared at me as he repeatedly rubbed his face. I shook his eyes but his reaction didn't even change.

"What are you looking at?"I meanly said. Again I put on my coat because I was starting to chill.

Nico pouted his lips, "you really love to hit me physically"He wasn't able to finish his sentence because I quickly stripped off my heels and weighed in on him. The jerk retreated as two hands were raised in the air.

I just shook after what happened. I checked myself again on the mirror, making sure that I am still drop dead gorgeous.

"I need to end this annoying bet in one swoop," I said on my mirror's reflection. "Brace yourself commoner. Aphrodite's descendant is coming your way..."

It was past nine in the evening when we reached the party venue. The flashing lights were dancing to the beat of the music. It was dark around but the night was lively.

"There you are!"Sam the party host, said. She walked straight to us and welcomed me with a peck on my cheek. As much as I wanted to wipe off her filthy touch on my pretty face, I knew it wasn't classy.

I quickly glanced at Sam's head to toe. This bitch really know how to make herself feel like a queen. Well, she's just sorry because I'm the only queen on the whole campus.

She smiled to us and it automatically look at Nico which next to me. A mischievous grin blown up my face.

"I'm so glad you've made it to my small party!"she said, the sticky look still didn't take Nico away.

"Nice party!" Bliss said. "I'm parched, guys. I'll be going, okay?"

I couldn't stop Bliss because she had been to the bar counter at Sam's house. Once again I looked at the plastic bitch who was now watching Nico.


I turned to Nico and gave him a sight of disbelief

He just shrugged at me.

"So! Do you want to dance, Nics?"

I was almost overwhelmed by my own saliva when I heard the way she called Nico. I know for a fact that she likes this bastard. So even though we're not really in good terms she has no choice but to invite us to the party. How desperate.

"Uh, sorry but I am with my fiancée," Nico said which made me laugh.

I leaned towards Sam and whispered something, "nice try, girl. But you need to try hard next time. You look desperate."

I saw how her eyes shot wide open. I drag Nico over and I flipped my hair and walked straight to the bar counter where Bliss was.

"You can let go of my hand now, Jerk!"I said to Nico because he had too much feel in my hand.

"Wow ! I am ashamed that you yourself have insisted on holding my hand earlier, "he complained to me. "With that you really use my fame!"

Again he put his arm around me. We glared at each other before Bliss hit us both.

"It's okay!"Nico and I said in unison.

"Can you guys fight later please, let me enjoy this night just for once" Bliss said. "Let, I saw Justine a while ago. Go freshen up and get this deal done tonight—"

"What are you planning to do with that mess?"Nico said he was looking to us.

My forehead knelt, "you are the one who thinks this strategy so keep quiet"

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