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1 year ago

Some of us could experience disappointment when we realize we are not the people we were meant to be back then. People have high expectations of us. But I've come to the conclusion that college life will never be simple. People who are on the same level as you will join you, though you cannot exclude the possibility that some of them will be better than you. But that doesn't mean you have to evaluate yourself against them.

In college, there is more of a competition between you and yourself. You will be upset over a grade you have no control over—a 2.25 or perhaps a 1.75. Then what? You are not characterized by your academic performance, I assure you. It does not define anyone. It's important to remember that your current situation is the product of various factors.

Once an honor student, now merely a survivor. We don't have to live up to other people's expectations, I'm now saying to everyone. This is, after all, our life. We must never give up; that is the most crucial thing. We must never stop giving ourselves a second chance to succeed despite our setbacks.

The most significant accomplishments we could ever have are not Latin awards, medals, or certificates. Rather, those are the people we've encountered along the way, the lessons we’ve learned in the middle of our mistakes, and the determination to finish the race against all odds.

Here's to those that gave their all to finish the race without a Latin honor or whatever they call it these days. Even just finishing the race is a victory, and I'm happy for you! We have more room to develop and opportunities to become greater versions of ourselves. It's not too late to start over!

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