Her ideal man(Chapter 2)

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Xienna's POV

I love the way he is touching me, I feel every part of my body responding to his touch and I wonder why but I love it. He kissed me like his life depending on it, I was so in love with the new feelings until I started to feel unwell, I feel my head banging as he hold my hair.

"I..I.. think I'm gonna be sick"

I said amidst of kissing, he didn't stop rather he pressed hard on my breast making me moan.

I moaned into his mouth with a mixture of vomit, I vomit into his mouth, he quickly tilt his head away spitting out every now and then. I wanted to go to him but I realize I'm sitting on the balcony block.

I quickly get down looking as he spit out, I still don't feel well so I vomit down the balcony not even caring if anyone is there.

"You bitch!" I hear him before I could turn to him he held his hand back.

I stared at him in fear, I couldn't define his facial look anymore, his lips are so plump now and my heart kept throbbing.

"Go away" he said as he push his hair backward.

I didn't utter a word rather I left dragging my feet, I'm already sober I guess. The way he yelled at me was so intense that I felt my body shivering.

I went back to the spot where I left the everyone, they weren't there anymore so I just took my keys from the chair and left.

This cant get any worse right?? Can't believe I almost lost my virginity in a one night stand. Now I know why Kai told me to wear skirt, that evil witch!

I got home late, luckily mom slept already. I can't even answer any questions right now.

The way I felt with that guy was good and at the same time confusing. I feel like I'm gonna regret it the moment the sun rises.

I took my shoes off, throwing them to a corner, I slept like a log of wood on my bed.


I threw my alarm away, gosh I forgot to switch it the hell up last night, I wanted to sleep for a bit but then last night scene flashes in like a dream. I sat up immediately rubbing my sleepy eyes.

"I didn't do that.. did I??" I asked rhetorically looking into space mostly at the huge picture of myself just in front of me.

I stood up gently, I was still in yesterday's cloth. I almost shouted.

It's true !! I kissed a stranger!!

I yelled into my pillow after falling in my bed.

I sat up again like a freak.

"Okay I almost lost my Virginity. Damn! Xienna, fuck your stupid self" I hit my head countless times.

I finally admitted to myself it was no big deal and most girls of my age are probably married, right??

I asked myself as i brushed my teeth, I'm so used to talking to my self.

I walked out of the bathroom, I wore a white mini skirt, I wore it with a black tube. I wore my white slipper and I went downstairs.

"What the hell!!!!" Mom yelled standing up from the couch.

I trailed my steps to her smiling brightly, I wanted to give her a kiss but I was welcomed with a bad slap. I held my face looking at her with disbelieve.

"Mom?" I asked with a confused face.

That's the first time mom would actually hit me.

She put the tablet right into my face so I can see it, I am surprised just like her. I placed my hand on my mouth with tears pricking down my face.

My God !! I'm dead !!

"Is this how I teach you?? I know I can be persistent or maybe a little impatient but I never trained you this way. You know how famous I am, you know my opponent is looking for every opportunity to tarnish my image but what did you do? You gave them a free way. What do you want me to do now? I'm gonna lose tons of contract, after your dad left, it was always me. I'm always there for you and this is what you'll repay me with? I said get a boyfriend, I never meant ruin my image.Now tell me Xienna ... What will I do now?

It's all over the internet with millions of veiws, even if I pay the bloggers to get rid of it .. what about those who ready shared it. Before you know it the entertainment news will carry it all over T.V and boom I'll lose my name, investors and customers. That means my company will be gone."

She talked pacing around with her tablet on her chest. The living room is pretty wide, mostly designed in white just like mom loves.

"Mom.. I'm.sorry " I manage to say

"Are you kidding? Ohh okay sorry is not a magic word that can suddenly clear the mess you created. Gosh??!!"

She touched her hair as she took a sit on the white sofa, I stood far from her cause I don't want another slap.

"Go to your room, you're grounded forever and I mean it."

I dare not to argue, I ran upstairs with tears in my eyes. So now this happened all over a one night stand damn!

I sat on my bed, covered my face with my hands almost crying. Just then Kai came in through my window.

"Hey best"

She said to me as she bounced sit on my bed.

"Did she yell at you so much?"

I turned to her, she already dyed her hair to chestnut brown, she packed it up in a bun. She wore red bum short with black crop top and red flat heels.

"I read it online"

She rolled her eyes as she shifted it to her phone.

"Hey, did you even know who you .. you know.. smooched" she said in a mockery tone.

I smacked her head then stood up pacing around while she rubbed her head.

"I don't know! I really don't "

"I only asked please"

She showed her phone to me, I collected it looking at the guy in the pics . He has a black hair with fair face, his muscles were well built up and his lips looks pinkish and soft.

"Who is that??"

"Gosh! Are you dumb? It's the guy you kissed"

"What? Wait, I didn't kiss him. He kissed me"

I said while pacing around again.

"So i found out he owns the club, that's why he has private building were he smooch all his girls, he is a player."

I looked at her astonished or maybe with pity for myself.

"My first kiss was taken by a Playboy?"

She nodded.

"Xienna, the public is talking about you too a lot. Every blog news keeps uploading"

~Damian Adams and Xienna Montana caught kissing~

She read it out loud. I turned to her.

~Didn't realize she is also a slut

~Damian is a Playboy

~I knew she is not as holy as her mother claims

~What do you expect from rich spoilt kids, they're probably gonna say "it's all for fun"

"I am not kidding" I yelled at Kai

She raised her eyebrows making me calm down.

"I'm scared Kai"

She smiled then came to me.

"I'm scared for you too"

I stared at her badly then pushed her away while she laughed.

📌 Adams' Mansion 📌

Lloyd's POV

I paced around my room as I called Damian's number repeatedly, did he even realize what he just did? He is going to ruin my name and the company with this scandal he created.

"The car is ready " my P.A said as he came in.

I took my phone with this I ran out.

I got to his house few minutes later, I saw him trying to enter his car. He wore a white round neck polo with black jean and black boots.

"Damian" I called.

He sighed then pushed his hair backward.

"Did you even realize what you did? I didn't even said you shouldn't do whatever filthy things you wanna do but I warned you not to ruin my image so how come this happened?"

He didn't answer me, he played with his car keys looking at the water fountain in front of us.

"Dad, leave" he talked gently.

"I bought this house for you coward!" I yelled.

He didn't move an inch.

"Well, I realized why the public are bashing us. They will think that you guys are just having fun, so I'm setting a marriage between you and Xienna Montana"

"What?" He looked at me

"Yes son, do you even know her mother? Clarisse Montana, an independent hardworking woman. This stunt you pulled is also affecting her so that's the best way to solve this issue.

I can't just let my company go down because of you."

"Sir, the share holders request for a meeting. Some are even threatening to withdraw."

"Stop them by all means, prepare a meeting with Clarisse Montana in C.M companies"

He nodded then left.

"Dad, you can't tell me what to do okay. I have the right to choose who I want to marry, you can't just walk in here and tell me what to do."

I didn't even answer him, now this is payback time.

"You're going to marry that girl and that's final. I'm your dad!" I yelled at him.

He scoffed then entered his car and drove off. I don't seem to blame him cause I saw the young me in him.

Xienna's POV

Kai went away so it's just me and my teddy in my room, I didn't know what to do though. I kept shaking cause I know the company is mom's living strength, she hardly has time for me because if it.

Just then my door flung open, I watched as mom entered like an actual model. She wore a black suit that flattered her shape well, I can't help but admire my mom, she is so pretty with awesome shape and I'm glad I took that after her .

"You're getting married in a week"

She said as she sat on my bed just beside my leg.

"Uhm .. I don't understand" I stuttered pinching my stuffed toy.

"Llyod Adams just had a meeting with me and we agreed that you and Damian Adams will get married soon. That will keep the public shut and strengthen both companies", she said tying her thick black hair up.

"I don't want to do it" I uttered.

"You dare not tell me what you want to do cause since you started doing things on your own, nothing turned out well." She stared at me with her scary face.

I almost cried cause all she actually cares about is the company.

"Mom I'm sorry"

"You better be" she said then left.

I lay on the bed looking at the four blade fan.

"I don't even know anything about marriage."

I sighed!

To be continued...

Are they really gonna get married? What do you think readers🤗

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