Her ideal man(Chapter 1)

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Xienna's POV

I smiled wonderfully as I finally found my phone under the bed, I wonder how it got there though. I sat on my bed still in my pj , I dialed Kai's number smiling to myself

We just graduated from college in flying colors.

me: Hey Grandma

I talked first

Kai: Are you coming?

She asked completely ignoring my greetings.

me: To?

I rolled my eyes as if she was right in front of me

Kai: Club! I told you some of our classmates organized a party

me: At the club?

I asked sarcastically

Kai: You better move that baby butt and come here okay. If you won't I'll hate you. Seriously, do you wanna die a virgin, imagine I've never seen a college student pass college without breaking that hymen or even kiss a guy.

me: Dude, I got lucky. I guess.

Kai: You have to come okay. I don't want to see my only bestie die a virgin

me: Fine. I'll be there not to flirt with guys just to spend some time with you and maybe Sky.

Kai: The guys will be coming though

I didn't answer. I'm sure she rolled her eyes

Kai: Don't wear a khaki trouser please...

me: well... Uhm okay

I said not even getting a hint of what she meant by not wearing trousers. I heaved a big sigh as I went to the bathroom, it's after seven in the evening which has almost gotten to my curfew. Not that my mom set that for me, it's just an habit I developed

I always plan everything well and keep to time, I hate wasting time on irrelevant stuff maybe that's why I'm the youngest in college to graduate.

After the quick shower ,I walked into my "walk-in closet" I won't lie! My room is pretty fancy with a lot of stuff and rare designs. My mom is pretty rich if you ask me even though dad left us when I was just 5 she strived hard in order to be in this position.

I picked out a short flay skirt, it's my first time wearing it. Usually I wear jeans (not fitted) with baggy shirts or polo ,I love to wear something comfortable.

I picked the short skirt with a black crop top mom bought me last week, she'll be so happy to see me in them. I tried to wear make up but I'm bad at it, I took my jacket with my phone and car key and down the stairs.

Mom was actually on call, she wore a blue jean with black denim top . Mom is so fancy, I wonder who I resemble with my lazy attitude towards fashion

"You ruined it with that pony tail"

She touched my hair gently.

"I hope you finally get a boyfriend "

She said as she stroked my pony tail, I felt like a sad puppy.

"Well.. I'm not ugly "

I said shifting from the stairs to the dinning room which is a little far. Mom strolled behind me with her heels making rythemic sounds to the tiled floor.

I took out a milk from the fridge just near the mini dinning table in the kitchen.

"That's why I keep wondering why you don't have a boyfriend yet"

I sighed as I knew we are about to start the topic I hate the most, I dropped the milk on the sink table, I watched her as she made her hair fall on her shoulders . She has brownish hair with a touch of white, not a sign of old age, it's natural .

"Mom I have to go "

I rushed out before she starts another lecture of how I ain't a kid anymore and I need to get married or the fact that she gave birth to me at the age of 18, which to me is bizarre.

I entered into my car, I played an album of Nightcore so I can roll in my thoughts of a happy life, maybe .. one day .

I got to the club, I've been to a club once and I hated it.

I texted Kai looking around the club, it's pretty decent though except that some idiot still kiss by the corners and some guys won't even give me breathing space

"Hey bestie!"

She said walking to me in her black heals , she wore a black stripeless dress that covers her hips at least .

"You went with that skirt ?? Seriously take off that jacket"

She rushed to me then took the jacket revealing my crop top with tiny strap

"Not fair" I immediately covered my body with my arms.

She smiled and dragged me to the guys

Well, almost everyone I know are there, starting from Bianca to Tyler and all that stuff but I guess we've pass that stage now.

"Hey , mommy's pet is here"

Bianca shouted and they all laughed.

I sat down with Xavier, he smiled at me, I smiled back. I wonder why he kept his beard though, he does look like a grown man.

"She looks hot though" Tyler said, which making me blush.

They all nodded looking at me.

"Who wants to play date or dare?"

Tyler asked looking at me, I blushed again cause he is super cute. He has a tattoo on his wrist and neck, it's not that too much but it's hot.

"Let's start with Xienna" Bianca suggested.

I looked at her and said


I like the fact that I surprised them.

"Date Tyler for a week"

My bestie said.

I coughed looking at all of them

"I'd rather drink a whole tequila bottle" I said and I mean it.

"I like that better" He said.

I sent him a bad stare regretting the fact that I said that. My bestie which now seemed like a foe gave me a bottle of tequila.

"Okay this is annoying " Xavier said.

I wanted to show them I'm no mommy's pet so I took the bottle and drank, it tasted bitter with mint mixed together. It sent a little burn to my throat but it still felt good and I wanted more at least it made me have a good feeling inside my body.

I closed my eyes as I gulped it in, I heard the guys cheer so it got into my head and I drank it more, I got used to the taste and to me it tastes better than orange juice .

"Okay that's enough Xienna" I heard Xavier and Kai but I ignored it.

I continued to drink it down not thinking for a second, I finally opened my eyes as the bottle became empty.

"Wow so cool!" Bianca said.

She smiled at me and I felt like I slammed her down.

I started to enjoy the sweet feeling and atmosphere in the club, I smiled at any little thing they said.

"Are you okay Xienna??" Xavier asked

I nodded my head trying to stand but I fell down, Xavier stood up with me.

"I'll just go to the bathroom" I uttered

He nodded then lets go of my hand, but then I found myself waking to no where in particular until I found myself in an awkwardly quiet balcony.

It's kinda awkward that a club will have a place with no one I know around forcing my eyes to widely open to see clearly until my eyes saw someone. I have no idea who he is, eventually I fell on the floor cause the place was slightly dark and he was wearing black.

"What are you doing up here?" he asked looking at me with a sincerely wicked face.

I stood up staggering since I'm drunk.

"W..we....well I'm looking for the bathroom" I stuttered looking elsewhere.

He came near me so I could see his face and I almost tripped, he looked so hot, his face wasn't scary like I presumed and the black long sleeved top looked stunning on him. The silver necklace he wore added more looks making me wanna fall.

He gently placed his hands around my waist sending shivers down my spine, I swallowed hard, not like I haven't been touched this way though I have never had a boyfriend let's just say I had a lot of bad guys chasing me then.

He didn't say a word rather his hand did the talking, he gently used his finger to make circles around my waist.

"Sexy.." he said into my ear in a whisper

I couldn't say a word like I was deaf and dumb, his breathe gave me a whole lot of tingles, he gently bit the sensitive part of my ears, he planted a small kiss on my neck too. I stood still not knowing what to do or say, all I knew is I couldn't push him off me.

He put his lips on my jaw gently sending his breathe to my face, I closed my eyes inhaling his perfect perfume. He continued to rub his wet lips on my face then he kissed my nose.

I opened my eyes slowly cause I didn't feel his breathe on mine anymore, he placed his lips on mine before I could open my eyes. I felt his soft lips on me, they tasted like strawberry mixed with mint.

I love the way his hands gently rubbed my waist, he take his hands gently to my lap making me moan. He rolled his tongue into mine and I sincerely didn't know what to do, that's my first time kissing a guy.

He bit my tongue too making me gasp, my tongue found themselves in his , I wonder how he did that but I love it.

He took my up on something that felt like a sit, I didn't care cause I was so much enjoying whatever was happening.

I found myself stroking his hair as I moaned, he knows how to perfectly handle my body to make me feel good, something I hated so much .

I gave him full access to my body, he raised his hand to my tummy through my skirt, he planted a kiss on my cleavages. I didn't want to open my eyes as his touch made me feel good.

He kissed me again this time more hot as I was already perfect in tasting his tongue and putting mine in his, I felt like I was perfect though and I enjoy it.

He continues to tease my body just like I want and it felt so good. This night has never been better!!!

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