Friendly Stranger

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Tristan's P.O.V

"Trish, can you make it fast? We can't be late you know" I yelled at my wife.

She rushed out with the kids, Leo who is just 13 years old and Tori who is 9 years old.

Leo is actually blind, he got blind when he was just 5 years old, he played excessively with sand that they got into his eyes and damaged it.

I've been all over the world but no doctor has been able to make him see again, I can't bare to see him in pain cause he is my first child. Aside from that, I've a huge personality to keep.

Right know we are going to the province, I have some business to do there so I'll be going with the family especially for Leo since he loves nature.

Our house at the province is full of nature so it's just right for him.

He walked into the car with the help of his stick, I just couldn't believe my son became blind at a young age.

"Dad, are you really gonna demolish those houses?" Tori asked as she sat beside his brother.

"Yes dear, those people are occupying the land for free, I bought that land with my money and now I need it to build another one of our companies" I said.

The driver drove off.

"Dad , but you have enough money to buy another land why don't you just leave those people cause it's gonna affect a lot of them. They have no place to stay" she said.

"Tori what did I say about asking too much questions?" Her mother said saving me from her questions.

"It makes the gods of answers angry" she said sadly.

I smiled then faced my phone, Leo didn't even utter a word, he just placed his headset on his ear listening to music. That has been his hobby since he got blind.

~Hera's P.O.V~

I watched Mika playing around, she has lived her whole life without a father, she is just ten years old but she is very sharp. She loves to help her grandmother with herbs and leaves for treatment since that's what we live on. Only if the government can help sponsor my dear daughter cause she is really good at medicines for any type of sickness, since she learn it from her grandmother.

She looked at me then smiled, we are as poor as church rat but all thanks to God we were able to stay in this small place, all thanks to the owner that left it freely.

"Hera .. did you hear that Tristan the owner of this place is about to demolish it for business use" my neighbor said.

I sighed then looked at Mika as she played with the herbs, grinding them.

I wonder what medicine she is making now.

"Kira please let's forget about that, who in his right senses will demolish a house with people in it? Aside that we only live in nothing but cheap materials of houses here so of course he'll pity us" I confidently said.

"I hope so" she said then walk away.

Mika ran to me minutes later, she fell before she got to me. I laughed then played with her hair as she came closer.

"Mom I'll be going to that beautiful house now" she said revealing her gap teeth smiling at me.

"Mika , I pray you don't get caught one day" I said then played with her hair.

"Who will catch fast and furious like me. Mother please watch grandma well, she complained of her leg hurting her so please watch her well" she said.

She kissed my forehead then ran away.

I can never be unlucky with her around me.

"Wait Mika, what medicine did you make this time?" I asked as she was already far from me.

"Mom they have a blind cat so I made this for the cat" she shouted back so I can hear her.

I smiled then waved to her.

~Mika's P.O.V~

I gently snuck to the rich man's house, I pray I don't get caught. Soon I was able to get to the backyard full of nature, I just love nature. I walked to the place the cat always stays quietly.

"Hey Mingo" I said then sat beside him.

"Mingo I think I'll leave very soon cause the free space we are staying will be demolished soon though I don't want that to happen but we don't have a choice" I said as I brought out the medicine.

"I'll use this to wash your face now so be quiet" I said then used it on him.

He meowed gently using his toe finger to scratch me, I yelled then hit him gently.

"Stay well you lazy cat" I said then used it to wipe its face well. He scratched me again this time, it's deeper.

"Oww" I said then washed his face again.

Suddenly I heard a voice but I didn't see anyone.

I stood up gently.

"Ghost?" I said.

"Ah grandpa" I said again.

"Grandpa have you come to talk to me again?" I said while closing my eyes.

"Tch, you're really daft" I heard the voice again.

I looked around and finally saw the person behind that voice. He is sitting beside the peach tree.

I smiled then walked to him.

"Hey cute guy in black glasses, it's not right to talk to a girl like that" I said.

"Well I can.. to a thief, I'll call my father for you now" he said sounding like a baby.

"Go on call your daddy, daddy's boy" I said.

"Really? Wait and watch me" he said then stood up, he took the stick beside him, he kept hitting it on the floor as he walked.

"Idiot , you're walking directly to a tree" I said.

He didn't even answer me.

"Can't you see you're walking directly to a tree" I said again yelling this time.

He trembled with the way I yelled so his stick fell, he bent gently searching for it.

"Are you blind? It's right in front of you" I said not realizing.

"Wait .. wait .. you're.. you're .. really blind?" I asked as he searched for his stick innocently.

He kept searching for it innocently that I didn't know when tears fell down my face.

~Tristan's P.O.V~

I picked my phone then dialed Luca's number.

Begin to demolish the houses, even if there are people in the house, demolish everything and any one that stops you. They have been given three day warning before so I don't care of they die of disobedience.

~Leo's P.O.V~

I gently searched the floor for my stick, I kept looking for it but I couldn't find it cause unfortunately I couldn't see. Just then someone placed it in my hand.

"At least you should have someone beside you if anything happens" she said then placed it in my hand.

"Can I be your friend?" She asked.

I don't even know the meaning of friends, since I got blind everyone and even my friends have distanced themselves from me but she ... she is asking to be my friend?

"Even tho you lack manners, you can be my friend" I said.

She laughed then smacked me playfully.

"Ow" I said rubbing the back of my neck

I didn't remember when's the last time I smiled.

"See, the sky is blue right now " she said then gently took me to sit.

"The birds are flying now. Did you know that if they poo on your head you'll have good luck forever" she said.

"It's disgusting " I replied.

She laughed.

She kept talking to me, making me smile. She even made me dance.

I just couldn't believe someone can make me smile.

"Okay, I'll try to pick some fruits" she said.

Before I talked I felt her footsteps.

I sighed and soon she brought fruits.

I smiled then collected it from her.

I suddenly felt free with her and I love her presence maybe cause she accepted me even if I'm disabled.

~Mika's P.O.V~

Mom will be expecting me home now but I have to use this medicine for this guy even though it is dangerous because I haven't even tested it yet, I couldn't even find the cat again so I don't know whether it worked or not.

"I'll use it to wash your face, I made it myself" I said.

He smiled to me.

"I trust you" he said.

"I really like you" he said.

I smiled then used the medicine to wash his face, it was hurting him but he held it in.

"Okay I'm done" I said.

"I don't really feel anything except that it's really peppery" he said.

I sat beside him.

"Maybe it didn't work" I said then sat down beside him.

I wished it worked cause I really want to help him.

"Ah, it's late I have to go home now" I said.

"I'll come back tomorrow" I added then pinch his face and ran home...

I really wish the medicine worked.

To be continued..

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