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My very first review or was it a guide(?) turned longer than expected and spoilers spilled there and there but of course there was more to the story. Honestly speaking, what I did for Unholy feels more like a guide rather than a review.  I feel like I almost made it like how I will make a story or movie analysis we pass at school kekeke.

That's why from now on I’ll change the way I’ll write my future review article because usually a simple review is in a paragraph format right? And I think it'd be more ideal for me and easier. Also I only plan to write 3-5 minute articles because it will be too much of a stretch for my lazy brain if I keep my contents to 8+ mins read. But maybe, I'll still use that format in one of my articles if I feel like I want to.


Arlo, Sera and John

UnOrdinary is a fantasy high school manhwa written and illustrated by Uru-chan. I didn’t check when it started its publication on the WEBTOON platform so don’t ask me kekeke. Anyway, going back, it is based on a world where people possess super skills and abilities.

Our protagonist in the story is called John, he’s known to be a “cripple” for the reason that he has no super power. He is a student at Wellstone Private Highschool, a school that houses top notch students with unique powers. 

John tries hard to survive in their cruel society with a disgusting hierarchy system. High tiers are arrogant as hell and continues to trample the weak 

He’s so weak that he can’t do anything but to get crushed over and over again on a daily basis but he met Seraphina and became friends with her, their school’s current “strongest” which then made his life a bit better.

The character design in this story is quite sloppy, especially the art at the first chapters (you’ll just get used to it and it gets better anyway) but it’s not bad to be honest and I hella love it as UnOrdinary is also one of the first webtoon that I read when I started to explore the world of manhwa/manga.

Isen, Remi and Blyke

I am so much in love with the John and Sera pair, you know I love strong female leads and John is hot though I kind of laugh in some scenes because of the way his hair is styled. Speaking of hair, I also love how the author implies John’s character through his hair styling and the hair gel.

What kept me captivated was the flipping of the characters and the situations where the strongest, Seraphina, became the cripple and revealing of John the powerless that turned out to be the supposed “King” as well the character developments of the other high tier characters especially Arlo who was the second in ranking and the one who pushed John to snapped and go back to his old self. I was really baffled about that, by the fact that when supporting characters started becoming the “good guys” John on the other hand started to decline to the point he became an unlikeable character, the villain of the story. 

I don’t usually read comments for the comics I read, I usually look for it specifically so obviously I looked for it and I read that people were angry about John’s twist of circumstances which made me smirked because it means people were hooked to his character and him turning psycho was effective.

The character change was a good spice in the story, it’s interesting in my opinion and it’s not that bad because there will be a point where he will enter the process of redeeming himself but then the story went on hiatus months ago and that was when I last read it but I think it’s back now and is continuing to update (I glimpsed on it so I could write this article). 

Overall the story is amazing and every character is great. I am really glad to know it’s now back so that I can binge read it in one of the coming days. But read it at your own risk, this is just my opinion and you will only know it is good for you if you try reading it.

John and Seraphina 🥰


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