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Hey! Just like what I implied in my first article, I will mostly talk about webtoons/manga that I have finished or I am currently reading or even those I have already dropped for some reason. I might as well write some blog about my life from time to time.

Caution: This may contain spoilers regarding the story. I know some people don’t want to get spoiled before so they could fully enjoy the plot of a series, movie, novel or comics. But there are also some people out there that love spoilers or don’t care about being spoiled. Nevertheless, I am good for both lol. It doesn't matter to me whether I’m spoiled or not but it does to some so I am warning you, be careful.

Oh! Holy

Oh! Holy is only one of the many manhwa that I love the most. It is a romance, comedy, school life, and supernatural genre webtoon and was written by Ahyun. It started back in June 2015 for the Korean release and October 2016 for the English release. The manhwa concluded back in June 2019 with a total of 141 chapters.

A scene from Oh! Holy: Jaime and Holy


The story is about the character Jaime, who made a promise with Holy, his childhood friend. They made a promise of marrying and touring the world together and slapping the butt 500 times of the one who will break it as punishment. The two met each other again as classmates in High School . Holy has had a crush on Jamie since childhood, she didn’t know that she’s in love with Jamie until she was told by her cousin, Erin, when she complained about feeling pain in her chest whenever she thinks of Jaime.

Holy tried making a cake with her cousin for Jamie to give him Valentines Day that made the boys in their school jealous of Jamie. Because of that Aaron confronted Jaime, they fight using mops and of course, he has the upper hand. Holy jumped between the fight, like literally, and was accidentally hit so hard by Aaron on the head to the point the mop was broken to two pieces. Hilariou–Miraculously, Holy doesn’t seem to feel pain even after taking the damage directly on her head. She was so happy when she was able to tell Jaime that she will bake him cakes forever that she started crying, she didn’t want him to see that so she decided to go back to her class. 

While walking away, she walked on the rod of the mop or the broken handle and slipped down. Jamie and Aaron immediately showed their concerns by going after her and asked if she’s okay. Before Holy could even respond, she died– went into a coma and her soul separated her body. Later, Jaime made a deal with the grim reaper, TR, to save Holy in exchange for his life. Then more comedy and chaotic happenings follow along the way as they get entangled with the manipulative grim reaper and traverse life and death with their friends who support them and some indistinct characters.

A scene from Oh! Holy: Jaime

Comedic elements and the cuteness of the main characters are all over the place, I doubt you’ll fail in not adoring them and not love the series as a whole. I don’t think there’s a chapter where I didn’t laugh or snickered. 

It was so fun to read and I was really into it. I love the flow of the story and the characters are really wonderful as well as their backstories. I saw some reviews stating that the story was a bit fast paced but I don’t think it was at all (from what I remember). I actually read Oh! Holy few years ago, I have forgotten If I was reading it while it was already completed or while it was ongoing cause if it does then that kind of explains why I think that the storyline is not fast though I don’t think it really was regardless. Those that have kinks for strong female lead and soft male lead, try reading this one.


Hmm… I am not very good at expressing or describing, more like I am lacking in vocabulary to use for the matter. I’d say, I love art, it’s supa good! Each character has their own charm and beauty. It might not be the best like some other top-tier comics but I really like how well the characters were designed and how the illustrator showcased the funny parts, greatly impacting the dialogues. 

A scene from Oh! Hoy: Erin, Holy and Jaime


Jamie Oh

The main character of the series. He is a loner and doesn’t have any friends except ghosts. He has been able to communicate with them since he was a child, this ability of his made him unapproachable as people find him weird for talking to ghosts. He’s almost as good as invisible in their campus until Holy gave him her attention that shocked the whole school. He is portrayed as shy and reserved, he lacks confidence but has a great sense of responsibility. Jaime and Holy suit each other although their personalities are opposite. He’s a main character that isn’t very cool but he is charming and full of surprises. I can gush over him along with Holy anytime.

Holy Joo

Holy is the female protagonist, she is a beauty and is viewed like an idol in their school. She’s strong as if she has superhuman strength. She’s the opposite of Jamie, she’s assertive and daring especially towards him. She’s not your typical leading lady, she’s a bit stupid but strong character and is the pursuer instead of the other way around which part of her that I love the most. It won’t be an understatement to say that she’s a simp (I am a simp for them as well) for Jaime and is “manlier”. Holy gained the ability to split her soul from her body. She made a deal with the grim reaper so Jaime won’t die, she then worked alongside TR. Her characteristics and actions are really funny and I can’t help but love her more.


Jacob is a ghost friend of Jaime. He has the body of a child but is in fact older than Jaime. He looks so cute that I wanna cuddle him. Jaime and him are quite close, he likes giving advice to Jaime like an older brother. He was very hurt when Jaime lost his memories and his ability to see and hear ghosts. 


Erin is a cousin and very good friend of Holy. She’s a great character as well, I find her cute sometimes. She’s one of my favourites. She’s very relatable. Erin is sometimes cold, has the tendency to ignore and show no emotion but she is very supportive to both Jaime and Holy, she later became a novelist and created a story about the two. She’s frank and unlike her cousin, she has common sense. She often does not have a dialogue which makes the scene more funny but I'd love to know about her thoughts and views especially regarding her cousin.

A scene from Oh! Hoy: Aime and TR

Toilet Reaper (Grim Reaper)

TR was named after he was summoned to a toilet bowl. He has a mysterious side and seems to always be in his facade. He’s a bit of a flirt and is pretty funny. I don’t like how he tries to make a move with Holy though, it makes me feel a bit off. I ship TR and Aime, they are both flirts and they kind of have the same tendency. TR is scheming and likes to mess up the two main characters.

Aime Baek

She’s one of my favourite side characters in the series. She’s the granddaughter of the  king that rules the underworld and has the “hobby” of exorcising. She’s pretty and is a schoolmate of the two leads. She is flirty and quite sadistic, oddly, she even has a whip as her weapon for sending spirits to hell. Aime has a bizarre personality that makes her interesting and her character really gave spice to the story. Aime smiles when she’s angry and it’s really funny to see her get excited when she exorcise spirits. At some point in the series, it seems she has a thing for TR or it’s just me because I ship them both lol.


Samantha is an official reaper, she’s the assistant of Norman (an infamous reaper in the underworld) to be precise. She later becomes a student at Jaime’s school as well. She likes to voice out the facts. I love her compassion and dedication at her job.


He’s a side character that I have no care about, just kidding. He’s head over heels for Holy. He’s like a hooligan in their school and has always won mop fights because he’s very good at it. He feels guilty and thinks that it’s his fault that Holy went to coma and even swears to become her servant. He’s a character that is a bit annoying – at least to me, from the beginning – however, he changed after the incident. He is fragile and has cuteness as well.


I really did enjoy the webtoon. It was very wholesome, in fact I have re-read it again (scanned a couple of chapters) so I can write this because it’s been a while since I completed the series that I have already forgotten most of the characters except for the main leads. It still made me laugh without fail. Oh! Holy breaks the stereotype between genders with a supernatural element added to it. It’s a good read for starters or if you are looking for something not so heavy and dark.


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