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Hello, recently I launched a crowdfunding campaign that will greatly help me in my studies.

To be honest, it's hard for me to do this because I feel embarrassed to seek help from strangers online. I worry that they might think I am just one of those people who beg and defraud others for money. And I thought that I may never get noticed by anyone and never reach the goal since I am just a nobody so, what's the point of running it anyway?

But in the end, I was able to convince myself that there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I should, at least for this opportunity, have thick skin so it won't be wasted.

I have used the platform called Kuno with Monero as its currency. Kuno is KYC-free, with ZERO fees, and a crypto-friendly fundraising platform. It doesn't require anything from you except a wallet address and your cause. Discovering the platform is a great chance and a good alternative for people like me who want to open a fundraising campaign.

My fundraiser has a goal of reaching 4 XMR (approx. 590 USD) to buy a decent laptop such as the Asus Vivobook 16 MB335WS or the Modern 14 C12M-620PH. It's a significant amount, so I expect it will take some time before it gets fulfilled, or maybe it will never get funded, even with small donations.

I have posted my campaign on X, and so far, no one has mistakenly donated yet. As expected, I have no reach at all because I am just a nobody from the internet who recently started this donation program.

Nevertheless, for anyone willing and capable of donating, please consider contributing any amount. I will be forever grateful for your generosity and trust.

You can find more details about my crowdfunding campaign here:

By the way, I also accept #BitcoinCash since I am also a fan of it. Just scroll down a little, you'll find the screenshot of my BCH wallet address and QR code.

I would also appreciate it if you could support me by sharing this article or my crowdfunding campaign link.

Thank you for your time! :)


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