The History Of Gold/Silver.

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As far as the record goes back, Gold and Silver have always been a store of wealth or used as a medium of exchange.

Now Gold and Silver still hold the same values however are manipulated to make people believe its not a good store of wealth no more if you look back through the last 80 years of history for precious metals you will see that whenever the economy is looking dim, the ones with wealth move it into precious metals to keep it safe and for its value to be protected.

The reason why they manipulate the price is for their own buying capacity of physical bullion. All you have to do is look through any search engine and you will see the amount of bullion and price manipulation scandals between big banks.


Its price is manipulated by the shorting of paper Gold/Silver, see how they do this is all the top banks have two meetings a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon, now what they do is they sell low to each other but by promise to deliver on-demand but then that demand is never met and they just carry on shorting the low paper prices which in turn keeps the price low or keeps it fighting the higher trends at least.


If any of these short orders are demanded and can not be delivered which I’m confident in saying they can not be, then this would send the price of Gold/Silver right through the roof meanwhile buckling the bank that can not keep its on-demand promise.


Since the beginning of empires like the Romans and Great Britain, even the Egyptians Gold has been used to give fiat currency and coins value to be a good medium of exchange. As far as the Romans are considered this was a very early use of the Gold standard! The Romans did see hyperinflation a few times and at one stage one pound of Gold was worth 50k denarii which is a coin based on silver eventually rising to 20 million denarii.


Today we see it used the opposite way instead of debasing coins/fiat to increase the Gold price we see them debasing Gold/Silver to increase the fiat demand/value. Gold can be mined and owned by anybody without the need of permission from the banks and because it has a very stable and ancient history people feel safe in the value it brings to their wealth knowing it will always be in demand and will always hold its value against time unless... Also it’s hard to track this type of payment method too!


Eventually, once the markets stop being manipulated either through a change in the system or through breakouts of the banks not being able to deliver on their unfulfilled sell orders. We will see the historic ratio come back between Silver and Gold, the conventional ratio since early American independence is 16:1 meaning with 16 OZ of Silver you can buy 1 OZ of Gold. Today that ratio is 82:1! Potentially is this was to even go anywhere near 25:1 or even 35:1 the Silver price would be huge compared to what it is now and in GBP an OZ of Silver sits at £11.90 while an OZ of Gold is £986 i believe, so these are big increases over time and to be honest, has only increased that much in the last 100 years. Silvers price should be higher just for the industrial demand of it but because it is useful for industrial reasons the price of Silver can not sit steady at too high price as this will cost the industry's that use it lose money on materials and more than likely go for using cheaper, lower quality to save profits.


That’s right, it becomes a manipulated market and uncertainty and fear is created among the masses about precious metals. Which in doing so the powers to be hoped that the masses will then keep their wealth in fiat and government bonds/stock market. Precious metals hold real wealth and value so governments like to hold it and have it under their watchful control. If we the people had all our wealth in fiat and it debased and became worthless we would lose everything but those holding property(Land)/precious metals/commodities (Food, Energy, Clothing) and things alike will still have wealth and a medium of exchange. This is how they become powerful and we slowly lose more and more control.


In its original meaning, the gold standard was a paper currency which its value is supported by Gold, all nations that followed this standard had enough gold in reserves to back the paper value amongst its nation there for actually giving fiat currency more than just a base built from belief!


Just like Precious metals, Cryptocurrency gives us a way to hold our own wealth and be able to barter/trade on our own terms with who we deem acceptable. While also presenting opportunities for those willing to dig a bit deeper and get involved with the communities out there building this industry every day, taking it to higher levels every year!


 Precious metals are still a very safe and good commodity to hold for years to come as its always a safe back up plan for the rainy days that are ahead with the current change of thinking amongst the world. Fiat will not last forever and Cryptocurrency and precious metals are a safe bet for the future in my eyes as metals have stood the test of time and Crypto has only been around for such a short time but yet made a huge impact on the world already! Comparing the age of the Crypto space to the Stock market and we haven't even got going yet!




Thank you for reading.

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