TITAN RTX, it is profitable to mine ERGO with it.

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1 year ago
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Today we will talk about the TITAN RTX graphics card for ERGO (ERG) cryptocurrency mining. This GPU features 24GB of GDDR6 memory running at 14 Gigabits per second for up to 672GB / s of memory bandwidth, allowing just one GPU to be enough to start our mining RIG.

The price of this GPU is quite high, but if we consider that the characteristics and the benefits it offers compared to others is superior. Its price is $ 3,990 on Amazon, at the time of publication of this article.

Many people may think that with just the price of this GPU, they could do a complete mining RIG. The first thing we can take into consideration is that the 24 GB of GDDR6 memory is enough for the next changes that the Ethereum network may have in the future. This allows us to use it for much longer.

The mining power offered by this GPU allows you to have a daily profit of $ 16.58 in (ERG) per month $ 497 and $ 13.45 in (ETH) per month $ 403. This account does not include the price of $ / kWh, since in the country where I am, the price of electricity is very cheap.

Space is very important when you are considering having a mining RIG. This is why I chose this GPU to start this business. The space that a desktop PC occupies is little compared to the mining RIG and for people who have a small space; it is a very good choice.


You can answer this question in the comments: What do you think is the most profitable price / performance card?

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