Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU can mine Ether at 118 Mh/s

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1 year ago
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Shortly after Nvidia announced that, it would ship its RTX 30 series graphics cards with a limiter for mining, this flaw, as skilled hackers managed to remove this restriction entirely through one of Nvidia's driver updates. The miners managed to make the RTX 3060 card able to mine Ether at full power.

Now there are rumors that Nvidia's next GPU, the RTX 3080 Ti, may come from the factory without a limiter to mine cryptocurrencies. Some images show the GPU mining at a hash rate of 118 Mh /s. This means that the GPU has 4 times more power to mine than previously believed.



I hope that these types of cards allow gamers to be able to acquire others at a much lower cost or that these GPUs that come already unlocked for mining will have a positive impact on the price of the other cards, that is, that the prices go down.

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