Kadena and its Goldshell KD BOX miner

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Kadena works with two types of mechanisms that aim to optimize scalability, one called PACT, which performs the formal verification of smart contracts. The other mechanism he uses is Proof-of-Work (POW) called Chainweb. This works by multiple individually mined chains that work in parallel executing the transactions in network. This enables higher throughput on base layer transactions, without having to work on a second layer.

Kadena does not have a maximum limit on the number of transactions per second it can process, making it much more efficient and avoiding having to pay high commission fees for shipping.


Goldshell KD BOX

Kadena already has its own miner called Goldshell KD BOX, of which there are currently two models, the first for mining Kadena (KDA) and the second for mining Siacoin (SC) and Handshake (HNS). Today we will only see the specifications of the Goldshell KD BOX miner, its price, its mining power and the daily and monthly profitability that this machine can produce.

Goldshell Miner is a technology company founded in 2017, based in Shanghai. Leader in the production of chips for computing and blockchain applications. This company has achieved that its chips have a better energy efficiency ratio (have more hashs with less energy).

Goldshell KD BOX is priced at $ 1,700; its dimensions are 8.4 CM wide X 17.8 CM high X 15 CM long. It has an approximate weight of 1.5 Kilos. The mining power is 1.6T / s and a power consumption of 205W. This machine does not come with a power supply, so you can use a PC power supply higher than 600W.

Another point in favor of this machine is that it does not produce much noise like others with similar characteristics and its size is ideal to have it in small spaces.


Daily and monthly profitability

This machine has a daily profitability of $ 5.35 and a monthly profit of $ 160.64 after discounting the price to pay for electricity.


You can answer this question in the comments: Do you think mining those cryptocurrencies is more profitable than mining Bitcoin in the short term?

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