Gemini and Mastercard launch credit card with rewards in bitcoin

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The Gemini Exchange with Mastercard as a partner have announced that in the middle of the year they will launch a Bitcoin credit card. This card offers up to 3% rewards in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the purchases you make with them.

WebBank will be the issuer of the Gemini card and it will only be available throughout the United States. The card will be free of annual fee, with access from the application and customer service every day of the year. Those interested can sign up now on the waiting list.

The percentages in the profits that the user can have in Bitcoin and other crypto assets vary according to the purchases or payments made payments in restaurants 3%, in supermarkets 2% and in other establishments 1%. Another point in favor is that the user can choose in which of the 30 cryptocurrencies that the Exchange have to receive their reward.

The rewards will appear instantly and can transferred directly to Gemini Earn, a service offered by this company that allows you to obtain returns of up to 7.4% annual return for keeping cryptocurrencies on deposit.

"The company felt that hotel points, airline miles and cash-back rewards were losing their face during the pandemic." Noah Perlman, Gemini's COO.


Mastercard, closer to including bitcoin in its network


Currently, Mastercard has partner companies that are in charge of making changes from dollars to cryptocurrencies. However, the goal of the multinational is to carry out all these operations on its own.

"We are preparing right now for the future of cryptocurrencies and payments, announcing that this year Mastercard will begin to support select cryptocurrencies directly on our network," they announced in February 2021.

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