Exchange CoinEx Offers Big Daily Profits for Farming

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1 year ago
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CoinEx offers a new farming service and the daily profit percentage is good. Some time ago, I presented a series of articles that teach how to make passive profits with our cryptocurrencies in the middle of a bear market. Today is the turn of CoinEx, this Exchange is offering very good profit percentages that can allow us to increase our capital in cryptocurrencies while their price recovers.

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 The capital you need to be able to farm in CoinEx is $ 400, which must be divided 50% in the cryptocurrency of your choice and the other 50% in Tether (USDT). In the different pairs offered by the Exchange we can find percentages of 4.30% up to 1,300% APY in one day, or 19.50% up to 1.125% APY in seven days. These percentages can vary. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the liquidity comes from the commissions that the Exchange charges for the transactions carried out by users and in some cases, these percentages range from 50% to 100%.

Another point in favor of farming in CoinEx is that you can find more variety between pairs that are from different Blockchains, while, if you do it in a decentralized Exchange, you can only work with pairs that are from the same Blockchain.

I believe that these are excellent opportunities to ensure that our capital does not lose value in the middle of a bear market and that at the same time it can obtain passive profits that can used for future investments.


You can answer this question in the comments: What do you do when you see your crypto capital quickly lose value?

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