Ethereum at highs 'vs' Stagnant Bitcoin

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Bitcoin, the crypto asset with the highest market capitalization right now, is down about 16% from its all-time high of $ 64,804 on April 14.

The rally that Bitcoin has had so far this year has been almost 90%, thanks to the interest that institutional investors and corporate buyers such as Tesla are putting.

The first time bitcoin's share of the market plunged below that level was in 2017, before a huge drop in cryptocurrency prices that is now known as a "crypto winter." However, bitcoin bulls argue that it is different now this time, as institutional demand rather than retail investors drive the recovery.


Ethereum vs. Bitcoin


After Bitcoin Ethereum is the cryptocurrency with the most market capitalization, but there are some key differences between the two. Ethereum has several software developers who create applications on its network and in addition to this many cryptocurrencies use or their blockchain is created based on the ERC20 network.

Another boom that Ethereum has had is the use of its blockchain for the creation of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, digital assets intended to represent the ownership of exclusive virtual elements such as art objects, sports, characters from (movies, series and comics), food, among others.

"After the network upgrade, Ethereum in particular is demonstrating its use case, and with developers joining the platform, it's no wonder it's gaining so much traction among investors," said Simon Peters, analyst of crypto assets for the eToro online trading platform.

Institutional investors are interested in investing in Bitcoin and some want to diversify their investment in these types of crypto assets, which puts Ethereum next on their list, leaving the second largest crypto asset by market capitalization with a very high possibility of receiving this capital.


You can answer this question in the comments: Do you think that the price of Ethereum could exceed $ 15,000 or even more if some institutional investors invest in this cryptoactive?

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