Crypto world will return money after controversial event in Madrid.

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9 months ago

Mundo Crypto announced on Monday that it decided to refund the full deposit fee (€47 per reserved seat plus €2.35 administration fee) to all payers, regardless of whether or not they attended the disputed event. Thousands of people gathered this Saturday at the WiZink Center in Madrid.

In FACUA's consumer action last Thursday, Mundo Crypto was accused of withholding ticket reservation funds from registrants who ultimately decided "not to participate in the cryptocurrency expo and charge exhibitors an unspecified administrative fee." Submit a claim to the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption of the Community of Madrid.

According to this link, the Mundocrypto Metaverse Day event can be advertised for free, although the event organizers charge €47 for “reserved seats”, which the event organizers promise to compensate everyone who registers. So, they went to that particular meeting. "However, it also states that if you do not participate in the event or confirm your participation, you will lose your right to a refund and 100% of the amount."

On Monday, Mundo Crypto released a statement saying it would continue to “return deposits to everyone” “at the discretion of the entire team.” Regardless of whether you participate in the event or not. Participants and those who missed the event will be compensated by paying the specified amount. Specifically, the amount of the refund was EUR 49.35, which included a management fee of EUR 2.35. They say "100% of the payer will get 100% of the money".

Through social networks the company gave the following statement:

“The purpose of this relic is clear. Without a doubt reasonable, its spirit is to try that everyone who belongs to this wonderful community and wants to participate in this event does not fall because of the reservation”. They falsely called this deposit a penalty and even retracted the purpose of making a profit, the truth is that although this deposit is the most convenient way, we believe that it is the only way if they want to participate in the event. (Given limited capacity).

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