Capitalization of Binance Coin already exceeds banks such as Grupo Santander and UBS

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2 years ago

So far, in 2021, the cryptocurrency Binance Coin has seen a revaluation of up to 900%.

Many think that this growth could be the continuous congestion of the Ethereum network, which makes the decentralized finance sector (DeFI) have seen in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network a solution to the high cost of transaction fees and that the transaction validation time is much shorter.

Although also taking into account that transaction fees could rise in the Binance Smart Chain network if your cryptocurrency continues to have this accelerated revaluation that it has been experiencing.

Now, the market capitalization that BNB has reached is USD 64 billion, which far exceeds some banks such as the Santander Group, the Bank of Montreal and UBS.

Coinbase may be indirectly influencing the big rise in BNB price and two days after Coinbase goes public (04/14/21) on the US stock exchange. This may not only drive the BNB price up, but rather but also that of Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

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