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Man Confesses to raping minors and an 80 year old woman

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Why I raped many minors, 80-year-old woman —32-year old man who was accused of raping 40 women confesses 

Thirty-two-year old Muhammad Zulfarau Alfa, on Friday admitted raping many minors and an 80-year-old woman in Kano.

Zulfarau disclosed that he indulged in the act about one year ago, saying it was not meant for any spiritual purpose but to satisfy his sexual desire.

Speaking with Saturday Tribune on Friday, at the police headquarters, Kano, Zulfarau Alfa said “whenever I wanted to go and rape, I will disguise, remove my clothes to hide my identity. I do this in case I am caught, it will not be easy for people to identify or arrest me, because there would be no clothes on me with which they could hold me by.”

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Speaking further, the suspect said “as soon as I am done raping my victim, I would go back to where I hid my clothes, wear them and leave the scene of incident.”

He admitted that he is 32 years old, saying “I was divorced by my wife. I do not have any children. It was a mistake I fell into the act.”

Zulfarau said he is a native of Katsina State “but I came to Kwanar Dangora in the outskirts of Kano where I sell onions as a trader.”

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On why he took to the crime, he claimed that he fell into the temptation, and added that “God has destined it will happen; I did not do it to achieve any spiritual motive. I did not do it because I was looking for material things; it was just destined to happen.”

He claimed that he was forced to admit that he had raped 40 women upon torture. “I said I raped 40 women because I was beaten seriously. To save my life I admitted I had raped 40 women. I went with the police to the scene of my last criminal act and there they found that I didn’t succeed in my rape attempts in all the houses I entered.”

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Zulfarau Alfa admitted while speaking with Saturday Tribune that he raped the 80-year-old woman among others, saying “I raped the 80-year-old woman, but most of my victims are minors. I operate alone, not instigated by drugs or friends or relatives to commit the offence. I had never involved in any gang-rape.”

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He pleaded for a second chance and admitted his doing wrong. “I know what I have been doing is bad. If I am given an opportunity to regain my freedom, I will become a changed person and better citizen.”

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The image maker of the Kano State Police Command, DSP Abdullahi Haruna, while speaking on the incident, said nemesis caught up with the suspect when he was apprehended after he went into a house in the night and attempted to rape a married woman.

DSP Haruna said the police arrested the 32-year-old Muhammad Zulfarau Alfa in Kwanar Dangora, an outskirt of Kano, on Tuesday and the man confessed to have raped more than 40 women in a year, including girls, married women as well as an 80-year-old.”

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The Kano Police spokesperson added that “the young man raped women and girls in the Dongora town and confessed to committing the crime himself without the cooperation of anybody. The suspect was apprehended after he went into a house in the night and attempted to rape a married woman.

“The community was happy on receiving the news that the serial rapist had been arrested by the police. The security operatives have gone to the scene of the incident, they have investigated everything and as soon as investigation is concluded, he would be charged to court.”

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