$52 Worth of BCH in my wallet means a lot

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2 years ago

Since I was introduced to crypto a year back, I have never heard of or seen any crypto currency which can easily be earned like bitcoincash. The ones I have tried to earn, I was only able to earn insignificant amount. I never knew a platform existed such as read.cash or noise.cash where one could earn such a huge amount as $52.

I started claiming faucet on different sites as far back as August 2020 and ever since then, I have not been able to withdraw even a cent to my wallet. Because of withdrawal limit. Some of them even after reaching the withdrawal limit, they turned out to be a scam sight. I wanted to give up on my determination to earn crypto passively because: how could I continue to waste so much time on a website performing so many tasks like viewing their ads, claiming faucet, and generating so much traffic for them and at the end of the day, it will turn out to be a scam and I will be the one to loose? It feels so discouraging.

I have also tried to mine different crypto currencies on different sites and after waiting for so long to reach the minimum withdrawal, they ask for me to deposit a specific amount of crypto before I could withdraw the one I mined. And funny enough, most of these sites turned out to be scam sites robbing people of their hard earned money after reading reviews about them.

But then, I found read.cash and noise.cash Thankfully, I have $52 Worth of bitcoincash sitting there in my wallet today which I could swap to any crypto of my choice but do you Know what? I'm not making that mistake because I will definitely be the one to loose. Bitcoincash has evidently displayed it's potential in the past few days. With the rate at which it is being accepted by regular users and merchants, it is not unrealistic to say that, the future would be a great one and I also want to share in that future.

My 52 dollars in my wallet.

Why this 52 dollars mean so much to me

Why this $52 means so much to me is that, in my country, the average person collects less than about $20 a month as salary from a place where you would have to work non-stop for 12 hrs. I haven't spent more than a month here and I have already earned $52. It's not even the period I have spent so far that matters most, it is the fact that I was earning while doing my normal business without much interference. It is just like when chatting on Facebook or posting updates on Twitter but the huge difference is that, I earn BCH by doing so on noise.cash and read.cash.

My plan for the 52 dollars

I have a great plan for my earned BCH and that does not include selling it for fiat or flipping it for other coins. I do a lot of swapping with other coins in my possession in short term and I'm going to continue doing that even with my earned bitcoincash. I would periodically swap the $52 for USDT via Bitcoin.com wallet when the price is relatively low and swap back to BCH when it becomes relatively high. In this way, I might earn even more BCH as gain which will increase my ammout of BCH.

Also, I will continue to use read.cash and keep coming up with reasonable articles. I will continue to post updates on noise.cash, engage people, tip others and receive tips too. It is not even only the earning function that matters most on these platforms, the great people I meet and how interesting the interaction with those people could be also matters a lot.


Thanks to the developers of both read.cash and noise.cash for putting up such awesome platforms where one could easily earn money for being creative. I also appreciate the efforts of @MarcDeMesel o recognizes the importance of these platforms in the growth of BCH and the users and has decided to continue making sacrifices for their existence. Because of Him and other great people, these sites exist. And because they exist, I now have $52 in my wallet. And because it will continue to exist, I have Hopes of earning money to increase my BCH savings.

Since I started writing here, I have received Upvotes from Many individuals in addition to the ones from TheRandomRewarder. Because of you guys, I was able to accumulate up to $52 BCH. I'm really greatful for your kind gestures.

BCH makes dreams come true.

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2 years ago