Is there always inequity in life?

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Life is neither just nor justifiable. Life is inherently unexpected. Completely random. Humans, on the other hand, are pattern-seeking beings who are constantly on the lookout for order in locations where there is none. This is the source of the emotion 'life is unjust.'

When life deviates from your preconceived notions of how it should be, it appears as if it has turned off the rails, as if it has taken a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong path. However, there were no rails, no excellent road, and no horrible route, and you have just recently convinced yourself otherwise because everything up to this point has conformed to your conception of the rails and the two pathways. You become frustrated when your forecasts based on what you assumed was a pattern and what you observed diverge. That is, 'life is unjust.' It is something that every human being on the planet encounters at some point.

You are powerless to manage this unpredictability. What you do have control over is how you respond to it. The majority of individuals are defined by their reaction (the variable) to the randomness of life (the constant), and many of them, despite sharing their sadness, are still kind and loving, and yes, 'fair' people.

It is, and while you may be unjust, you are only submitting to the randomness you perceive as cruel. Where is the element of self-determination there? Humanity?

Avoid being an asshole simply because life has been an asshole for you since life is not an asshole. Life is exactly how it is. On the other side, you are more. Be a little more.

How is it that life is so unjust?

To keep you on your toes. To remain in contact with you. To retain your vigilance. To retain your vigilance. To constantly prevail.

Indeed, life is unjust to thwart competitiveness. Individuals are naturally fearful of competition, but when properly educated, they develop an appreciation for it.

Life presents us with an abundance of rivals and competitors. And they're both plotting your demise. This is a survival fight.

Whether you believe it or not, someone has to lose for you to win in life. Consider the stock markets. Stock prices fluctuate constantly. In any situation, there are losers and winners. When one person profits, another suffers.


Throughout your life, you play the game of life on numerous levels. The higher the level, the higher the risk and, thus, the higher the reward. The lower the level, the lower the hazard, and thus the lower the return.

Life is unjust because it was not intended to be a playground for losers.

Is there anyone among us who is a loser?

A loser is someone who waits for the fruit to fall from the sky.

A winner seeks out the apple.

Bear in mind that this is a competitive atmosphere and that everyone is after the same fruit. Only the winner receives the apple.

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Life blessing always comes for those who seek and strive for it and not for those who just waiting to do nothing

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