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This short narrative is meant to inspire you and give you more self-assurance.

A weary bird plopped down on a limb. The bird rested on the limb, taking advantage of the view and the safety it provided from nearby predators. As soon as they got used to the branch and its support and protection, strong winds blew. The tree shook so hard that the branch looked like it was about to split in two.

The bird, on the other hand, was unconcerned because it understood two critical truths. The first truth is that, even without the branch, the bird was able to fly and so be safe. The second truth was that it was aware of the abundance of other branches upon which it could momentarily rest.

The truth of the matter is: have faith in yourself.


If this helps you, it may help me as well.

Go on a diet that does not require external validation. The more external affirmation you seek, the less internal security you will have. If you want to get a dopamine boost from people complimenting your looks, stop taking selfies. Consider why you do what you do, and be extremely deliberate about your motivations and choices.

Seize the opportunity to spend time alone, even if it means being active. Even though you're at home, that doesn't mean you're spending time alone. If you're continuously preoccupied with your phone, TV, or job, you're missing out on valuable time for introspection and contemplation. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. Take a few minutes each day to sit with your body and notice your emotions. Take a look in the mirror and face the truth.

Do more for yourself in terms of self-care. When I say "self-care," I'm not talking about baths and massages. If you're unsure of your own scars and traumas, I recommend journaling about them. Embrace the lessons you've learned from life's most challenging experiences and incorporate them into your character. Don't allow your past to keep you from moving forward in the present. "I am capable of everything I put my mind to," says the adage, "I am what I think I am." If you're not willing to put in the effort, no amount of positive thinking will help.

Every day, do something that is difficult. Take up a task that seems difficult. Make a list of your goals and work toward them. The human body was designed for battle. You gain strength through a grueling obstacle course. Stop looking for a quick fix and start doing activities that make you happy. They're more about adhering to a personal code of behavior and honoring commitments you make to yourself than they are about following your pleasure. Self-discipline is the spark that ignites a passion for oneself.

Saying "no" is an important life skill. Clearly define your own and other people's boundaries. Speak truth to power. Proudly assert your identity. Become more self-assured and adept at negotiating for yourself. Recognize that you are deserving of having your needs satisfied. Take care of yourself as if you were a person you truly loved (do not confuse this with arrogance and is entitled).

Do your best to show yourself compassion, kindness, and love. Take care of yourself. It doesn't imply absolving yourself of responsibility, but it does mean that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself that you end up lingering in unhealthy shame. Meditations on forgiveness and inner-child healing can help. Let go of your resentment and move on. Don't make fun of your younger self. Learn from them and show your appreciation.

Rejections should not be used internally. When you're rejected, it's more often due to a mismatch between your preferences and the company's needs than an inability to fit in. It's never too late to improve your value and make yourself more appealing. It's not dishonoring yourself or embracing your real self if you do things purely for the sake of getting the approval of others or twist yourself into a pretzel in order to get their acceptance.

Put the money into your own development. Power comes from combining one's knowledge with one's abilities. If you keep improving, no one will be able to catch up with you. How do you win against them? Rise so high that they can no longer reach you with their garbage.

After you've accepted them, no one can use your imperfections against you.

Taking care of yourself, according to psychology, makes you feel better, look better, and attract better. Starting with you:

So why is self-worth so critical?

The lower your self-esteem, the less tolerance you have for bad behavior.

Self-hatred and a lack of self-confidence are the main reasons why people do things that are bad for them.

Only those people in your life who are compatible with your ideals and who can help you grow will benefit from having high self-esteem. It makes sure that you don't settle for relationships that are bad for your mental, physical, and spiritual health, so you don't.

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If you have a high level of self-worth, you will view yourself favourably and have the utmost faith that you can set and achieve your goals. More importantly, you will tell yourself (and genuinely believe!) that you deserve good things

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