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Sad love story

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1 year ago

It's fun to waste time -

One day a boy went to see the river with his girlfriend.

Girlfriend T went to the river bank and fell into the water. After the boy started crying, a mermaid came up from the river.

Mermaid: - Why are you crying?

Boy: - My girlfriend went after the water, so I'm crying.

Mermaid: - Wait a minute, I'm bringing your girlfriend.

This time the mermaid dived into the water. After a while the mermaid came with a black girl. And murmured,

Mermaid: - Is this your girlfriend?

Boy: - No. My girlfriend is very white. It's black.

(Do you think that would be like the words of a woodcutter. That mermaid will bring him three daughters? No.

The mermaid boy slapped Tike and said, this is your girlfriend's make-up after she got in the water.

So no girls do such makeup. If you fall into the water. Then your boyfriend will not think you are a stranger.

Isn't it?

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