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CEO: Chamberline Tenedor

Date Launched: June 15, 2020

With DTI Permit

*Fully automated bot

*No need screenshots

*No bans

*High rates

*Super safe complan


*Money Bee membership with free sim activation for one sim loads all eloading business

*same membership fee weather you avail the free sim activation or not.

Plan A (Basic)


*solving rate 1.00

*earn up to 80% of D.A.E.

*no profit sharing

*need atleast 1 invite to payout (1 invite = unli payouts)

Plan B (Standard)


*solving rate 3.00

*earn up to 90% of D.A.E.

*with profit sharing

*need atleast 1 invite to payout (1invite = unli payouts)

Plan C (Premium)


*solving rate 5.00

*earn up to 100% of daily allowed earnings

*with higher profit sharing

*no need invites to payout

Stockist (Account Activator)

*must have availed any membership plan


*10 activation points

What is D.A.E. or daily allowed earnings?

Answer: Money Bee's yesterday's income from new pay-ins and product sales (load, loadwallet, vpn and more) divided by yesterday's total members = Base D.A.E.

Kung Basic Plan ka, 80% lang ng Base DAE ang maeearn mo for the day.

Kung Standard Plan ka, 90% lang ng Base DAE ang maeearn mo for the day.

Kung Premium Plan ka, 100% naman ng Base DAE ko ang pwede mong maearn.

*Every member's daily earnings from our games will depend on Money Bee's yesterday's income or D.A.E. it can be 0 to more than 100 pesos daily. (resets daily)

DAE Reset Schedule (depends on the first number of your User ID)


1.) Math Quiz

2.) Captcha

3.) Jack En Poy

*Play daily, no maintenance days from 8am to 12mn

Rates per membership plan (any game)

₱1.00 - Basic

₱3.00 - Standard

₱5.00 - Premium

*new members will only be allowed to play the next day after registration. register now start playing tomorrow.


Basic Member

₱5.00 - basic

₱10.00 - standard

₱30.00 - premium

Standard Member

₱10.00 - basic

₱15.00 - standard

₱40.00 - premium

Premium Member

₱15.00 - basic

₱20.00 - standard

₱50.00 - premium

*Example: You are in premium plan and you invited a new user and he/she also availed the premium plan, you will receive a 50 peso bonus. But if you are only in basic plan and you invited a new user that availed a premium plan, you will only receive 30 peso bonus.


₱5.00 to 2nd and 3rd level from any plan, regardless of your membership plan

*₱10.00 monthly subscription per member (any plan) pay every last sunday of the month.



₱100.00 and up - 1st payout

₱200.00 and up - 2nd payout

₱300.00 and up- 3rd payout

₱400.00 and up - 4th payout

₱500.00 and up - 5th and succeeding payouts



*remaining balance will stay on your wallet.

*payout requests are subject to a 5 peso processing fees

*Payout Denoms: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 (divisible by 100 only)

*Request from 6am to 12 midnight (mondays to fridays)

*Release next day from 8am onwards

*Saturday (payout release only)

*Sunday (no payout request and release)

*Payout Options: load, loadwallet, gcash,, paymaya, smartpadala, palawan, cebuana and mlhuillier (less transaction fees for remittances).


*Kapag bumili ng load si Downline mo sa Bot (minimum regular 30) gamit ang kanyang balance may 1 peso rebates ka. (iaadd sa balance mo)

*Kapag bumili ng loadwallet si Downline mo sa Bot (minimum 100 loadwallet) gamit ang kanyang balance may 1% rebates ka. (iaadd sa balance mo)

100 loadwallet = 1 peso rebates

200 loadwallet = 2 peso rebates

300 loadwallet = 3 peso rebates

*other products and rebates will be added later

Welcome to Money Bee 🐝🐝🐝

The Best Messenger Earning that you'll ever have.

*The Money Bee Management will always have the right to change or modify this complan of needed

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Written by   78
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