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1 year ago

In a few days, I encounter this website that you can earn money . So I try this one registered. This website si COINPOT.

Coinpot have 7linked sites faucet where you can claim every 5minutes. In every claim that you do , you got a coin token which you can convert into BTC Core.

At first I was just always claiming every 5minutes. And then I heard of a Auto Roll, so I started to ask someone about this .

For you to try this auto roll you need to set up your Autoroll settings. After trying this, I got more coin tokens. Before I only got maybe 500token everyday. But now I got 2500tokens.

Still thankful who taught me this auto roll. But then I heard another one trick. But this time , I am not in favor of this.

They open multi tabs, for claiming and using auto roll to reach the 100000 roll. After days seeing what they do, yesterday I heard that maybe 2 or 3 accounts banned using of this .

That's why cheating is not good at all. Maybe for the first time its good, but at the end of the day, sabi nga "walang lihim na di nabubunyag".

And so , Im still using coinpot , so happy and contented for what I earned. Even if it is small or big amount.

Thank you and God Bless ☺️☺️

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