Social phobia

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2 years ago

Social anxiety is a mental disorder in which an individual fears social and gathering and anything that has to do with people. It is more than being an introvert.

An introvert is simply an individual that prefers his/her company to social gatherings. That is they get charged up or more excited when they are alone than when with people.

We can say social anxiety is an extreme case of shyness, I mean everyone gets a little jittery at the sight of new people or performing on a stage but when it distraught your daily activities, then social anxiety is lurking around.

When you have a social event, you could stay up all night worrying about your appearance and what people might think of you, this might go on for days or weeks even leading to restlessness.

It could be stuttering or unable to converse with strangers, fear of being left alone in a party, avoidance of social situations that leads to interactions.

This is far more different from being an introvert or being quiet. An introvert may go for a party and interact with people but a person with social anxiety wouldn't want to go for a party because of phobia or when they eventually go for the party, they sit down and stay alone suffering and feeling lonely.

Mind you, they may be extroverts who feel energised by social situations but because of the phobia, they sit and stare, wanting to get involved but not moving.

Social phobia is detrimental as it can disrupts your life activities, seek professional help if you notice symptoms. You matter🤗.

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