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#TIBFOXEDITINGCHALLENGE (1 of 9) Born 2B Free - I'm on my way on DTube

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2 years ago

Blockchain collaboration

I've never met @tibfox in real life, but I started to collaborate with him with a great pleasure. Blockchain collaboration. Take a look to his great DTube contest

QUICK & DIRTY editing challenge / contest!

So let's start. I download @tibfox video footage and I started editing proof my creativity on a short movie of 9 chapters

I'm on my way (SteeMovie) the story of TIB block

Chapter 1 - Born 2B Free

The story of TIB it is the story of a crypto trotter. He borns inside a block, he receives a call from outside the block, but he is not able to go out. Second call, but nothing. Inside an average blockchain he would like to be free, but he remains chained. He try to hide him self from traffic blockchain growing, they even try to burn him, he goes crazy, he starts shooting all around and he died.....

....must be continued Original Post


@tibfox for idea, green shooting, The Contest

@lorenzopistolesi for music, editing, Music from my collection

With Regata Collective, Tanzaff Prod, Sylvain Rohner,

The contest

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Written by   14
2 years ago
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