TIB crypto odyssey - The real story of TIB, borned inside an average BCH block (SteeMovie)

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I'm on my way (SteeMovie) the story of TIB block FULL MOVIE

You will notice the order is not the same, this is the power of blockchain collaboration. There are many way to see the order of the block, but there is only one that will be accepted by the community. Blockchain consensus

Steemit collaboration

I've never met @tibfox in real life, but I started to collaborate with him with a great pleasure. Blockchain collaboration. Take a look to his great contest

QUICK & DIRTY editing challenge / contest!

So let's start. I download @tibfox video footage and I started editing proof my creativity on a short movie of 9 chapters

Chapter 1 - Born 2B Free

The story of TIB it is the story of a crypto trotter. He borns inside a block, he receives a call from outside the block, but he is not able to go out. Second call, but nothing. Inside an average blockchain he would like to be free, but he remains chained. He try to hide himself from traffic blockchain growing, they even try to burn him, he goes crazy, he starts shooting all around and he died.....

Chapter 2 - Renaissance

So TIB died, and then became a ghost, like a hero he rises up again from the dust, refers to the small amount of cryptocurrency which is lower than the minimum limit of a valid transaction. Starting from the bottom, he realises he cannot go out from the block because proof of work contribute to climate change, melting ice, but less then bank actual system, so.... he feels big pain in his heart but he decide to act, he must act, so save the world.....

Chapter 7 - Run

After the moon rising, TIB starts to run. On chapter 1 he was scared by blockchain traffic, now our hero feels free and he runs into the traffic, he is a part of it. First he runs on the vinyl, because he realize he was a block from Musicoin blockchain, providing a fair reward to musicians and free play to listeners. To be or not to be, finally he was able to discover his own real mission. He was born to support artists and music. And to support art on the long run.

Chapter 3 - Love

So TIB decides to act. And what's happened, they start burning him, because it a worthless block, a ghost block. So they try. Fire jump into the block, but our hero uses the energy of the fire to go forward and finally he finds an harbor. Love, he discovers that he isn't alone, he has a dream, he feels the love outside the block and he show to his "honey" how ants did it, thew are able to go out. And finally he flies out and.....

Chapter 6 - Moon

So TIB starts running proof of brain, because it is what you need here on Steemit in order to receive Steem reward. Your brain mines (mints, forges) crypto like the CPU or GPU of your PC on Proof of Work. So TIB starts writing great posts and reading and replying to other posts as well, running contest, chating with Steemians. TIB realizes how much is different the life on Steemit and he remembers his aggressivity when he was on Facebook. This short movie explain very well this difference of your behavior on Steemit (first part of the Movie) and Facebook (second part of the Movie). On Steemit you feel better, that’s the most important things, you feel already on the moon.

Chapter 9 - Therapy Time

Here we are on the last chapter of the TIB 2020 blockchain odyssey. This is our last chapter, maybe the most important concerning Steem Odyssey, it is for you Steem pioneers, because TIB made all this for yo, for give you the example, like Ulysses, brave the blocks. It would be very important the therapy time, because on Steemit you will find any kind of offer, try will try to sell you any kind of currencies, hopes, projects, collaborations, even they will try to offer any kind of future promises. On Steemit the best defense is the dialogue, every post is a dialogue, this is the advice TIB give us. Do not write a post only for you, write like you was talking to another Steemian. The second part of the movie is about therapy time that you need to take all the time you will feel frustrated, angry, sad. Because this is sure, sometime you will feel frustrated, so always put fun in what you are doing and if necessary sometimes take a break and take a therapy time proof of brain is hard, remember happiness is the way, not the goal.

Chapter 5 - Money

You cannot eat money. Finally he gets out from the block and he starts to understand our relationship with money here on Steemit. Maybe you think only about art and great post or you think only to increase your payout. TIB, our hero, is like Tell, who shoots apple from son's head. For TIB money is like a brother and the apple is the desire to have it. TIB advices his brother to put the apple on his head trying to cut this desire, like Wilhelm Tell. And he fails, he kills his brother, but not the desire to have it. At the end of this short film he finally accepts the 50 $ payout for his work, thanks to Steemit blockchain.

Chapter 8 - Steem Dream

TIB, our incredible hero, after have discovered his mission, became a Steemian blogger. Like a mouse in the middle of an highway the daily life of a Steemit blogger is complicated, every day he needs to fix the trigger between logic reward or artistic reward. Both are important, both are necessary, finally he receive a personal song from Lorenzo, the hymn of Steem Post Italia @steempostitalia. Because the steem dream is a common shared dream where content creators find the purpose of the blockchain : to share. The real purpose of the blockchain is share, share the best of yourself.

Chapter 4 - Hope (HOW STEEM IMPACTED MY LIFE - A @theycallmedan Initiative)

TIB, our hero, he understands the most important things in the crypto odyssey: hope. Hope is the key of your daily crypto experience. You feed every day this hope grows like a blooming flower and this is what really change your life and allow to spend time to write a single Steemit post and share it. Hope because each Steemit post is like a stone you throw into the blockchain sea and this stone creates waves that will interact with others. Maybe you are only holding or trading crypto (sea ​​surface) or you help developing a new blockchain algorithm (deep in the see), maybe you are posting everyday on Steemit (the more and more deep), or develop blockchain collaboration or cross-chaining more projects…. You are building hope for the future.

....must be continued

Credits :

@tibfox for idea, green shooting contest
@lorenzopistolesi for music, video editing, Footage
Music from my collection https://linktr.ee/lorenzopistolesi
With Regata CollectiveTanzaff Prod, Sylvain Rohner,

The contest

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Topics: art, humor, Poetry, Funny, movie
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