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Who is Mr. Hans

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1 month ago

It's no longer news that we are living in a digital world, paper money is gradually losing it worth🤣. Am not a prophet but I see a world where transactions will be done with digital currencies and I present to you BCH. It's becoming a reality in some part of the world. Stories of cryptocurrency ATMs are scattered all over the net. It give me great joy I won't lie🕺🕺🕺.

I know you are all wondering who is this old man that is disturbing this peaceful website with crypto prophesies😆😆.

Mr. Hans looking calm

Okay! My name is Klaus Hans, am a German from the city of Rothenberg, a cryptocurrency enthusiast. My love for cryptocurrency began after a GoFundMe account, that was open by my friends to Cater for funds for my dying wife🤧, who was diagnosed of Ovarian Cancer in 2015. This will be a story for another day. I couldn't believe my eyes😉, under 3 days we were able to raise a lot of funds which was used to settle her Bills and to also take care of our needs.🥰

Am married to a beautiful woman, Mrs. Catherine Klaus for over 35 years now. You must be wondering how old I am, am 58 years old and my wife is 52 years old.
We are childless but we have the whole world to ourselves and we are contented. I Work at Amp Auto Motor Park, Schweinfurt.
My wife is a High school teacher. Life has been accommodating enough for us. The love we shower on each other is amazing. Have got memorable friends friends, so no dull moments at home.

I and my beautiful wife

I and my friends will always go fishing or for a boat ride, I love swimming, cycling and most of my sunny days, I spend it at the beach with my amiable wife.

My friends and i

On our way to the beach😂

Still wondering why a 58 years old man, will choose Lordbch as a username😁, the truth is this, I have this aspiration of taking BCh to a level it hasn't attained yet. How ? That's a beautiful question to ask, by investing in it, inviting friends to platforms which promotes bch like, a site where making noise isn't a taboo and not considered as spam and also to this beautiful site, where posting articles attracts a reward by an hardworking bot called @TheRandomRewarder . I believe I will one day trend just like Elon Musk is trending in the world of cryptocurrency. It's all about determination.
I have plans to accelerate the growth and publicity of this site. I can't wait to be celebrated here👍.

Motivation and the right mindset will make all my dreams come through. That's why I love this quote "I don't dare to plan things, I dare to execute them" . If we are so determined to change this world to a digital currency world, it is possible. All we need is the right set of mind, the right energy and the right friends. Life was meant to be easy, most times, we get it alittle bit complicated.

Before leaving, I just wanna say this to my wife, baby I love you always. You made me appreciate digital currency, I will always love you.

To my fellow members, I promise you all a fun filled stay in this site. And to the admins, I will abide by all the rules and regulations.

I love you all. ❤❤❤❤❤

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1 month ago
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