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Tales from Southern Lunterra (Waldo's POV Pt.1) - a WorldBox Story

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2 months ago
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There is a piece of land near the southern end of the Lunterra continent. Lush forests, grasslands and savannas made up most it's area. Like any other normal day the denizens of this land are enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. The monkeys are happily foraging food while switching between trees in the jungle biome, the rabbits and the wild chickens seem to be having the time of their lives exploring the intertwining green and yellow plains. That's until a sudden flash of light came into being which literally broke the immersive sound of nature.

It is a person and his name is Oswald (he used to be Kehyn though).

What happened to him might sound like your typical isekai story. Oswald Bartolomeo Batungbakal a.k.a. Waldo was your ordinary middle aged man in the working class. He had no family of his own which for some is an ideal lifestyle to have, but as they say there's more than meets the eye. After leaving his parent's side more than a decade ago he had no choice but to fend for himself. He's also an extreme type of introvert which made things harder as it also affected all his other relationships. His girlfriend for 5 years left him for his bestfriend and because of his personality he gradually lost all his other friends through the years.

Waldo was alone for almost half of his life until a mail came by. It was a summon from his family. Apparently, his maternal grandfather just passed away and most of the inheritance was passed onto him which gave a reason for his maternal relatives to 'suddenly' remember him. If there was person who understands Oswald in this world it was his maternal grandfather which he used to call Gran Gran. They had the same tendencies and innate characteristics which made them like peas in a pod. He could still remember those days when they used to have long fishing trips in some faraway province. They'd go on for days without getting bored. Sadly, because of his deteriorating health Gran Gran had to move in a faraway place where the air and the surrounding is much cleaner. He tried to pay a visit a couple of times but was always shunned by his aunt even before entering the gate.

Waldo was conflicted. His Gran Gran was the only person who treated him family. That day he came to a realization that he was truly alone in this world. Emptiness. He felt like standing in the middle of a pitch black soundless night with a single line of tear flowing through the side of his cheeks.

Every thing seemed to be ready. Wearing his most presentable clothes he went down the old staircase of the apartment building. He did not dress to impress nor to avoid being looked down upon by his relatives. He dressed presentably to pay respects to his grandfather.

'Boy, you should buy more clothes. They say clothes make the man. Why you dumbnuts always wearing those track suits from three years ago? I might really die before seeing great grand kids for you in this case.'

Every now and then memories like this flicker in his mind. He thought that he succeeded forgetting but both pleasant and unpleasant ones seemed to be resurfacing after that day he received the invitation. He walked unhurriedly to the train station. The last crosswalk was only a couple of meters away. While waiting for the light to turn green a soccer ball roll passed through him. Trailing not far behind was a 5-6 year old boy. He noticed a speeding red truck while the sounds of shouting followed. It was instinct. The last thing he could remember was the commotion. The fading sounds from sirens and the surrounding chatter. One final glance and he noticed the boy with his mom crying near the sidewalk. 'At least he's safe. It seems like we'll meet sooner than expected Gran Gran.' He murmured as his consciousness slowly faded into the darkness.

It was a refreshing feeling. He could hear the birds chirping and some other animal noises. Cool air brushed through his face as he slowly opened his eyes. Logically speaking he should be in a hospital given that he survived the accident, but why the heck is he in the middle of a forest? Is this real life or is this just fantasy? He laughed as he almost started to sing Bohemian Rhapsody until a prompt came to his mind... (to be continued)


Hello guys. It's been a while. This is a new type of content I'm trying to make in my Hive Worldbox log. I thought that it would be boring to just show you the gameplay in details so I've decided to put some story behind it. I don't know how long I'll keep on doing this for our WB entries but I must admit that I'm enjoying playing with the characters. Anyways, this is all for today. See you again and thanks for visiting.

Images not mine are from public domain sites like Pixabay.
Worldbox screenshots are from yours truly.

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Written by   15
2 months ago
Topics: Gaming, Worldbox, Writing, Fiction, Story, ...
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