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Some Significant Gains Last Month | When should I pull that sell trigger on DOT ?

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4 months ago

Recently, I sold around 700+ Hive during the recent pump. I immediately place a buy order after for 1500 Hive at around 0.22$, depending on future markets I think that I’d still buy some below the $0.30 price point. I want to gain that Hive back again (and sell again for some gains. Rinse and repeat.).

But hey it adds up in the long run!

I’ve seen significant gains in my portfolio during these past few months trading (~300-400 USD) mostly on Hive and DOT. I’m not trading daily just once or twice every month, sometimes only once every two months.

Actually, I’ve set up a rules for myself to not lose money (or not to get depressed over losing it if ever 😄). One is, all gains/losses in crypto remains in crypto. If I gain money by selling something, I’d wait for an opportunity to buy back more using the same amount of capital. It doesn’t matter if it took me a long time or even forever. But even the idea of love is proven not to last forever so I’m quite confident that the opportunity to flip will eventually come.

I watch the markets almost everyday on my computer. It’s quite the hassle but I never put crypto and banking applications on my phone for easy access. It’s not that convenient but for security reasons I felt some sacrifices are needed. It’s not really that safe in my place. My cousin’s phone was snatched years ago and I saw how it sucked for her. Although there are security features, account retrieval was very frustrating.

I still keep some petty online cash (at most $100) on my phone for small transactions like buying load or sometimes even paying bills.

BTC dominance these days usually sits above 45% (47% currently). Price continues to soar but I’m quite worried about that low volume. Not really an expert ( or something even close) but those volume stats is just as important as the price imo.

Alts are quite the slowpokes tho, it took some time for them to follow pumps on BTC. Funny enough they fell down just as fast as BTC during crashes. Perks of dominance?

I’m quite happy that DOT is pumping today. I bought 20 @ 14.5, then another 10 @ 13.5 just before it crashed to $11 levels. What a pity, I could have bought ~30% more if I waited a couple of days.

Last June 15 BTC High was around 41K ($46.4B in volume) and DOT High was at $26(3.15B in volume), now BTC is around 42K with DOT at $18.5-19. There are factors to consider but price alone that’s still a $7 deficit.

Currently (@18.5 per DOT) my gains is around ~ $130 which is not bad. I’m not planning to sell now though. I set a sell order of a whopping $40 per DOT days ago. I think it’ll take many months for them to sell, maybe even years but I’m not in a rush for now.

There’s a chance that I might change my mind in the future but I’ll just stick with my own set of rules, no regrets whatsoever.

If you’re in the same situation when will you sell DOT, you bought at 13.5-14.5 price point?

Also posted on my hive blog:

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Written by   6
4 months ago
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