Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Spending 400 Territe and 2 Million Gold to Craft and Break Equipment

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8 months ago

Hi everyone!

These past few days I've been wanting to upgrade my main weapons which are the 5-star Chronos and Flame Rifle. Sadly, the upgrade stones needed hardly come by. I've already pushed my luck checking the travelling merchant Muse twice almost everyday but I got no luck. It's been a week and the upgrade stones I looted from the Fire Temple were mostly for armors and accessories. With only 10 pieces available out of the 60 I need to upgrade both I think it would be more productive if I use the territe I saved elsewhere. This the the reason why I did what I've been avoiding so far and that is to mass craft equipment.

Chances to get 3-star, regular 4-star and rare 4-star from Sealed accessories are 90-9-1% respectively

Crafting equipment is just like playing the gatcha albeit with more extreme drop rates for 4-star ones. Accessories are more special because materials needed includes Purified Essences which are only unique to field bosses. In addition the gold required for crafting accessories is 50,000 gold/craft compared to the regular weapon and armor which only costs 500 gold. Well, everything has it's pros and cons as the lowest grade one can get in the accessories craft section is a 3-star one. Not bad as it can literally be used by the player even until the later stages of the game. Of course, given that the enhancements, upgrades and awakenings are maxed out.

Although crafting accessories are quite tempting I mostly get mine directly from bosses. The chances is around 20% but it's more economical in my perspective. There are 4 filed bosses which spawn every 6 hours and take note that there are also lots of channels per server so raiding the same boss twice or many more times is possible. In the first two weeks when most character power are on the lower side there's no shortage of filed bosses to choose from. Well, it's a different story now that the front runners already surpassed the 1M CP cap.

Top 10 players in our server now surpassed 1M Character Power

Anyways, getting back to crafting I somehow spent 400 territe for 400 pieces of equipment. Weapons and armors have the same requirements per craft which are 1 recipe, 1 territe and 100 crystals. In my case I crafted 300 weapons and 100 armor pieces. The results were not bad but it's still far from what I've seen from those uber lucky streamers.

After several crafts a guaranteed 4-star equipment would be obtained

Out of 400 crafts I only got 2 regular 4-star rare, a Demon's rifle and a Saintly Circlet. Instead of 'feeding' the lower 1 and 2 star equipment to those in the ones belonging in decks I opted to perform awakenings. In any awakening (familiar or equipment) just remember the numbers 3,7 and 10 as those are where you can get bonus stats for filling a slot in the collection. I managed to get all 3 1-star rifle to awakening level 10. There's also plenty of 3 and 7 stars awakening that were successful.

Almost out of gold so I decided to sell some high value loot

I had a juicy 3k+ boost in character power just by filling up the collection slots. Well, it didn't come without a cost because aside from the initial 200,000 gold spent on crafting I also burned more than 1,600,000 awakening equipment. Apparently, it's a costly endeavor as I spent 90,000 for awakening a single 3-star equipment from it's 7th to it's 8th awakening.

Whopping 90k gold for a 100% awakening success rate

The video ended with me being broke again. There are still a number of armor sets to awaken so I've decided to farm some more gold. I think it took me another 150,000 gold to burn the remaining armor sets. Next time to avoid the hassle brought by being poor (insufficient gold) I'll make sure to have at least 750k gold for every 100 pieces of equipment to craft.

And that is all. Thank you very much for reading.
have a nice weekend everyone. :D

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