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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Reached Diamond I in Lava Valley

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2 months ago

Hello there pips.

When I was recording the Lava Valley event the other day I didn't notice that it was at 360p so pardon me for the blurry video. I wish I could participate regularly in this event as this is one of the only two sources of free Asterite, the other one is the Familiar Arena. It's really puzzling me for quite a while now. I've improved my CP rankings from top 5% last month to top 1.4% but I'm still struggling in getting to the top 20% of both Lava Valley and Familiar Rankings. I remember the first two weeks when I was sitting at 5% of the Familiar Rankings. I did manage to get a few thousand Asterites but that was it.

Diamond I at Lava Valley

The Lava Valley opens every Tuesdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. server time. It's a 3 versus 3 PVP battle and also a global event which means that a player would get teamed up with players from other servers.

I'd say that the restrictions are quite fair if we consider the system picking each teams based on their teams total CP value. But of course it also has it's drawbacks. As an example I had a really weird matchup from the previous weeks. I was at 900k+ CP back then and was paired with a 1.4M CP Rogue and a 1.1 M CP Barbarian making our total CP at 3.4M. Guess what we were up against a 1 M Swordsman, a 300k+ CP Witch and a 2.1M CP Barbarian. Although our teams did have the same total CP value the Barbarian alone was enough to decimate us back then. He just camped on the spawning area for almost the entire time. I do wish they have some sort of range for filtering participants to prevent such events to occur. I'd say having at most plus or minus 20% difference between the highest and lowest CP members of each team.

I started this week's Lava Valley at Diamond 3 (2,100 points). I was targeting to reach at least Master 3 (2,400 points) but only ended up at Diamond 1 ( 2,321 points). There was a point when I was only one win away to reach my goal but encountered a losing streak which hammered me back to Diamond two. If you watched the video you might noticed that there's no activity for about 15 minutes, I was snacking with my sister so I apologize for that. Hehehe. I spent 1 hour and ten minutes out of the two hours play time for Lava Valley.

I don't have much goal for next week's Lava Valley. Right now, I'm barely hanging at the top 20%. If I'd be able to participate I wish I'd be able to make it to the top 10% as there's where you start to get Asterites. The weekly rewards for the top 10% is around 1200 Asterites in my computation that's not even 5$ . Well, as they say free money is still free money. If lucky I'd use mine to get some Pet Summon Coupon rather than cashing it out through the exchanges.

Grade 8 Mines & Level 8 Wild Familiars

Familiar Adventure is one of the best mini-games accessible within the game. A player can dispatch familiar troops to gather resources from gathering sites like mines or from roaming wild familiars. There's a mini map to help the player navigate more conveniently so be sure to use as you can locate the types of resources and their corresponding levels to have a gauge of their difficulty.

I just unlock the Grade 8 mines and am also seeing Level 8 Wild Familiar mobs from time to time. The mines are very helpful to gather resources needed by the Kingdom, especially Obsidians and Prisms. If I'm not mistaken this is one of the only two sources of Prism in the entire game, the other one is the Travelling Merchant Muse but you're lucky if you'd see her selling these as her merchandise changes from time to time.

Each gathering site is guarded by a group of five familiars, same with the wild familiar mobs scattered around the map. What I've noticed is that the familiars guarding the sites/mines are quite stronger than those scattered in groups. The great thing about this mode is that you'd never lose a ticket even if you failed to defeat the familiar guards. So, you can actually experiment on the combination of your familiar being dispatch to improve the results.

There's a limited number of tickets usable per day. At Adventure level 13 I receive 8 tickets daily. Each successful capture of a gathering site costs a player 2 tickets and 1 for each win against the scattered mobs. Obviously there are better rewards for higher tiers so be sure to have a strong familiar team. Right now, I'm having a hard time dealing with Level 8 Light and Water mobs. My team is heavily reliant on fire and earth so it was pretty understandable. There's rumor that there are also Diamond mines but I guess the CP requirement for familiar would be outrageous.

And that's all for today. I'd like to share some battles from the three bosses of the Dimensional Border but I don't have enough time for today. Guess that would be for later. Thanks for visiting this NNK log. Peace out.

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Written by   15
2 months ago
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