Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Nightmare in Evermore, Dream Pumpkin Seeds and Dream Hearts

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Hello pips!

This Halloween's episode event on NNK is called "Nightmare in Evermore". The main antagonist this time is the Dream Witch. She's a pretty nasty fellow who messed up with the children's dreams. Obviously, the storyline for this new episode revolves around her antics and how players would deal with them. There tons of content from this update and I have to admit that we will not cover the whole thing in one post. For now, let's focus on some of the important aspects we need to accomplish to maximize our rewards especially for the majority of us who only have 4 hours of AI time.

There are two important items that we need to farm daily. The good thing is that you don't need much effort to get these but you need to have the patience since it's 'farming' and repetitiveness over the month might make people lazy in the long run. So we need to farm Dream Pumpkin Seeds first. They are capped at 150 max per day which is already a decent amount as a player only needs 20 for healing or freeing each child from their curse.

Yes, there are two types of children: those who follow a player when they idle and those who a player needs to approach. Those children who follow are much easier to deal with as the player only needs to give them the Dream Pumpkin Seeds and they'd give them the loot right away. The loot varies but in my opinion the children following are more generous since there's a chance to get summon tickets and you have to put much effort by finishing their dream trials. Dream Hearts always drop but the quantity varies particularly to those following children, sometimes you get one and sometimes two.

These Dream Hearts are the player's core currency during this event. It can be exchanged to many useful things in the medal section. The first one a player needs to get in my opinion are the normal dungeon entrance tickets. There are only 5 available in Dream hearts currency each week for additional entries the player needs to buy a ticket for 200 diamonds. These tickets enable the player to enter the Normal Episode Dungeon. It's pretty basic but it'd be easy to get teammates when a player has at least 900k+. I'd also recommend grinding the tier 3 because it gives better rewards and the chance to get familiar and familiar shards seems to be greater. Maybe that's also the reason while it get costly after 5 entries per week. The familiar Bougie is a 4-star familiar and you can literally can get it to max 10 awakening if you could afford to burn diamonds.

The Witch's Hat Page should also be a priority since it can contribute to at least 6000 additional CP when completed. The familiar Bougie can also be purchased here for just 15 dream hearts but it's only one time for account so don't get your hopes too high. Well, you can also purchase Bougie through familiar shards but you need 6 of them. These shards are dungeon drops, another reason why you must buy tickets every weekly refresh. It's not impossible to max awakened Bougie to it's 10th awakening but it needs focus and diligent grinding since once you missed the free tickets the chances of upgrading Bougie to higher tier will certainly be lowered.

Aside from giving candies to the children following, a player needs to approach cursed children, enter their nightmares and successfully finish the respective missions assigned. There are 6 types of children and all of them have some mini trials or mission unique to them. Candy-loving kid is pretty easy as it's only a hide-n-seek game. A player only needs to distinguish the child a number of times while he is mixed within the crowd, a good eyesight will surely give you an advantage. Desert kid and Little Orange Witch's missions are straightforward which is my favorite. just kill the approaching monsters and you're pretty much done. The Blue Pumpkin Kid mission is quite similar to the candy loving kid's but you need to find 3 pumpkins scattered within the map instead of finding the child

The Pumpkin Head and the Dress-up witch's mission are a bit harder compared too others because they have a chance to drop summon tickets. You need to climb a number of platforms in the Pumpkin Head's trial to give it to a giant individual related to them. Once you fall you need to start over again. It's still bearable unlike the Dress-Up Witch's which is annoying. The player needs to find a candy basket somewhere in a map inhabited by aggressive mobs. Once the player lift the candy basket two Nightmare wraiths would be summoned to attack the player and every time an attack hits the basket would drop. My tip is that before you hold or pick up the basket be sure to plan your path of return as the mobs are pretty slow but if you get near them they would attack and the basket would drop.

And that's all for today. See you soon.

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