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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Lucky Higgledy, Duel Yard Log 1 and 'Fight for the Throne' Event

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1 month ago

Hi there pips!

It's been a busy day and I thought that I wouldn't be able to attend the KD and dungeon raids which was postponed yesterday due to the long maintenance. Thankfully, I still had some free time to spare. The Kingdom Defense this time was hard because the monsters are level 80 and they spawn from three different directions: center, left and mid. There were also 2 elite monsters at the center which spawns on the 3rd and 5th wave which made the task more tedious as they have immense health. Even with bombs, towers and stuns it wasn't enough to obliterate them completely before they reached the core. It's difficult but we managed to defeat them but it's a different story after as we failed to handle the next wave.

Like usual, we raid the Treant Statue from tiers 1 to 5. It's not a challenge for us anymore as a good number of our members already surpassed 1,000,000 character power. The raid from Flame Knight Ras as just okay as we only did tiers 1-3. Like I said before in one of previous logs this boss' tier 3 is even more difficult than the Treant Statue's tier 5. I got 8 chest prizes from the raids, 5 from the Treant dungeon and 3 from the Flame Knight. The most notable loot you can get from these boxes are the element exclusive gems or cores that can be imprinted into a weapon's joker slot. These gems vary from 3 - 6 star rarity. Tier 1 chests don't drop gems. Prizes from tiers 2 to 4 only gives chances to draw 3 star gems. Of course, the chances or percentages also increase as you move up in tiers. For example, the tier 2 chest has a measly 5% of dropping a level 1 3-star treant statue core compared to a level which has 15% chance. The tier 5 chest prize has a 20% of dropping a 'Sealed Statue Core'. It's like a randomizer but you usually get 3 or 4 stars because 5 and 6 stars have very low drop chance.

Lucky Higgledy (08/11/2022)

As they say, success is build upon failures

Most players suffer lots of failures in crafting especially from 3 stars and above. There are 4-leaf clovers that drop depending on the severity of the failure and these can be used in leveling up the Lucky Higgledies. In the Power Up section below the Tetro Puzzle you can find it. It only needs a few clovers in the lower levels but you'd soon need alot because the requirement increases as you go further. My example in the illustration shows that I need 17 4-leaf clovers to go from level 106 to 107 a far cry when you are just starting. Well, it was worth it as it already contributed 12,934 CP in this account.

Duel Yard (08/11/2022)

Duel yard is for those people who want to PVP but do not want to suffer the penalty for PK-ing players in common maps. There's 3 free entry every reset and a player can still play by paying 50 diamonds if he/she already used up the free entry tickets. Everyday there is a unique restriction like the two today. 'Immune to all Crowd Control Effects' is not very favorable for Engineers as our stun skill is one of bread and butter when it comes to PVP. The '100% increse in HP' restriction is favorable for those who have high health like Barbarians as they can capitalize their tankiness to gain certain advantages like lasting until their skill cooldowns.

I 've even fought against more than 70k+ CP diff

My first opponent for today is also an engineer but he/she got 20k CP advantage. You have the option to choose three opponents every refresh. I recommend choosing either the first or the second one because you can advance your ranking if you win against them and it does not really affect yours even if you lose. It's the opposite if you chose the third as you'd lose your ranking to them if they won against you and there's no effect in your standing if you win against them.

The plan is to dodge one or two skills while landing all mine. I don't recommend playing in auto like what I do because there are more options if you use the 'free' attacking mode. I always cast Time Lapse before doing anything. This skill increase basic skill damage by more than 12% while decreasing skill cooldowns by 10% (at least in this level). It last for 30 seconds and has a CD of 40 seconds. Dark Balloon has lower damage compared to other special skills but it has a Bind effect so I prefer this one. The thing is I forgot about the restrictions else I would have chosen the more destructive Fire Whirlwind. The battle lasted for 24 seconds. I won and move 552 spots from my previous rank. I also triumphed in my next two battles. I fought a barbarian and a rogue. The rogue has a 16k CP advantage while the barbarian has less than 30k CP. The case is that it might be an alt account because it's quite impossible for someone to reach top 1000 with this CP. In the end my final ranking was at 929. I was quite lucky with my opponents and I know it'll go down the next day. I had fun though and that is what's important.

Capital Update Celebration Event and Others

The Kingdom wars are getting bigger, Image source: Netmarble

There are lots of additional content after the update and the most notable one is the 'Fight for the Throne' which basically a more diverse guild was to find out the strongest kingdoms in their respective servers. Unlike relic wars that it's one Kingdom versus another, the Fight for the Throne is more like a 'one versus many' kind of thing. A slot can be acquired while winning a bid so make sure your kingdom do have enough funds to participate.

Image source: Let's go Tier 10 Guardian Rifle?, Netmarble

There are lots of benefits to get by the winners but what the majority of the player population anticipates is the free 4-star element weapon bundle chest you can get if you manage to clear all the 7-day missions available. Actually, it doesn't end that as there are also rewards for each individual mission completion like 5-star ornaments and 5-star Bean Pods!

Aside form the Capital Update Event there's also the Cooking Competition Episode and the Platypaw's Summer Vacation Event. A player can get lots of territes, upgrade stones and varnishes in the Cooking Competition. Though reward most people are waiting for is the new fire familiar Sore Boar. On the other hand the Patypaw's event which only has more than 5 days left rewards players with resources usable in upgrading their Heart Stars.

There are still other new contents to tackle but since this is getting quite long let's save them for next time. Thank you very much for reading and Hope you guys a happy weekend.

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Written by   14
1 month ago
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