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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Let's Talk About Power Up Dungeons [Personal Progress Log 1]

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2 months ago

Hello everyone!

I wasn't able to log in for almost 5 days and I think I miss alot. It's a pity because I didn't claim 4-5 Territe Aromas. It's a consumable potion that increases the drop rate of territe which is basically one of the most important resources in the game. Although the duration is just like your normal Energy drink and Aroma of Focus which is 30 minutes, it really do wonders. I have tried afk-ing for hours overnight and it's lucky if I wake up having an additional 30 territes in my inventory. Last time I tried using 3 of these Aroma potions and managed to get around 50 for just a few hours.

There are still 5 days before the Ancient Genie Event finished so let's hope that I'd get the remaining potions these following days.

Today's topic is the Power Up Dungeons. These are some sort of mini-games which reward users a specific set of resources. It also has different tiers. As a player progress to the higher tiers, the loots get more bountiful but the monsters and/or obstacles are also upgraded. There's a CP recommendation but it's not very accurate. For a smoother clear I suggest completing a tier which is less than 100k of your current CP. It's easy because all three Power Up dungeons can be finished in just over a minute. But choosing the right tier can make the clear much more efficient. Dying and reviving took several seconds but that's enough to affect the clearing time.

The first dungeon is the Familiar's Cradle (weak against fire) and as the name implies all loot here are useful in upgrading and strengthening a player's pet. There are lots. I can do tier V but I opted to regularly go with tier IV because the boars here have lower health and there 's actually no major upgrade in rewards aside for a chance of acquiring an extra familiar fruit. There are different buffs inside namely: speed (boots), attack (sword), heal (cross) and defense (shield) buff.

I only get the attack and the speed buff because my damage is enough in this tier to kill the boars before they could even deal significant damage to the eggs. Right, you have to protect three eggs and they need to stay alive after the wave of boars. The rewards you get mainly depends on protecting these eggs. There's a bonus on the number boars you killed but the main objective is to let these eggs stay safe and sound after the end of the wave.

Second Power Up Dungeon is the Fire Temple(weak against water). Loots in this dungeon is centered on improving and upgrading a player's equipment, armor and accessories. Upgrade stones are quite rare and you need lots of them especially when upgrading a 5-star to a 6-star equipment. I think you need 30 of the same class to do so. There's the rainbow colored upgrade stone which can be used by all elements but if I'm not mistaken it only appear in this dungeon only once a week and in very few quantities.

This one is the fastest Power Up Dungeon to finish simply because a player only needed to travel in a straight road. But wait there's more. Although it's the simplest you need to avoid the fire traps spawning from the ground. If you get caught then you'd have a good stun which would eat a good amount of your time. There's plenty of them, if you ever get caught once there's a chance you'd caught in another. Aside from the traps the main obstacle is the monster called Ardor's Shadow. Right! it's the mini version of the world boss.

If you're playing an engineer or a rouge I do not recommend auto-attacking if you have a melee or short range skill because alot of traps spawn near these monsters so go for the longer range as much as possible. You'd encounter two of them so better kill them fast. The more time you consume on killing Ardor's Shadow the higher the number of fire traps you will encounter. Choose a tier with good enough rewards while having a squishier boss. there's also mini versions of the spawn occasionally. Do not mind them, just proceed to the end of the dungeon which is the bridge. The moment you attack these minions they already served their purpose and that is burning you time.

Last but the not the least is the Goldbeard's Pirate Ship (weak against earth). Well, it's not the first time we talk about it since I already mentioned this one in our gold farming guide. That time I reached the Phase 7 of the Boss, now there's quite an improvement as we regularly manage to get through Phase 10. The difference between the two phases is a 20k gold reward. It's not that huge considering that there are three phases in between but still better than nothing.

Unlike the nuisance minions in the Fire Temple the minions in the Pirate Ship rewards the player extra time when they are slain. I don't know about the strategies of others but what I do is lock target on the boss monster, Goldbeard. As much as possible make sure that the pirate minions are in path of the skills before activating. In this way the brunt of the damage is taken by the boss while the splash is enough to kill the mobs. As you progress through higher phases the attack patterns of Goldbeard varies. I could have gotten to Phase 11 but the I couldn't dodge the random stun. Avoid the skills of the boss at all cost especially after phase 7. The boss may be slow but it's damage was unreal and could be deadly when taken directly.

And that's all for today. There was an earthquake yesterday. We experienced magnitude 7. I hope you guys are okay.

See you soon.

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Written by   14
2 months ago
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