Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || First Relic War Participation, Occupying the Fairy King's Gift

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7 months ago

Hello there pips!

Last Saturday didn't end with our trip to the lake. There was still some important event I needed to attend to, albeit in the online world. Apparently, our Kingdom (guild) won a bid to compete for a relic in the relic wars. I got no choice but to join the event since I'm fairly new in our Kingdom and my CP is also one of the worst. In short, I'm prolly one of the most dispensable or replaceable members. Getting kicked out once is enough I guess as I mustered myself to stay awake that day until 11:00 p.m. local time.

There are 8 relics to be won, one for each winning Kingdom. Two opposing Kingdoms who won the initial bidding would compete in a game map. The goal is to garner the most points after the duration and this is done by occupying different locations within that given map. Aside from the stations to be occupied there are also other factors to consider like placing of Higgledies, Barricades and the boss monster that spawns occasionally.

The first three relics are the most tempting to capture because the buffs they give are universal compared to the other 5 which are element specific. These relics most of the time are occupied by the top 5 Kingdoms in the Kingdom rankings. The Genie's Hammer gives an increase of 2.5% and another raw 500 points in attack. Ferdinand's War Helmet provides the same buff effect but in terms of defense. The Elixir of Immortality which took the form of grail increases a player's Max HP by 5% and gives and additional 2,500 raw health.

The other 5 which are the Solarion, Darkmoon Sword, Flaming Knight, Key of the Deep Sea and Fairy King's Gift give bonus buff to their corresponding element and resistance to their opposing element. Both the light and dark relics gives 2.5% bonus to their corresponding element's ATK and 2.5% bonus in defense against opposing element. Our Kingdom competed for the Fairy King's Gift which is the earth type relic. It increases earth ATK by 5% and water DEF by also 5%.

Why do Kingdoms want these relics? The reason for this is because they can rent the relic effects to other players for a minimum of 500 Obsidians. It can go higher based on the demand but the renting fee for one hour is usually between 500-1000 pieces. Obsidians are not that rare per se but it's a significant resource to keep the basic functions of a Kingdom running smoothly. A maximum of 7.5% bonus ATK coupled with +500 ATK is nothing to be scoffed at and could be a potential game changer especially during wars or PVP battles. It could be also useful in grinding but you have to make sure that everything falls in place and you wouldn't be making a loss using these buffs since that would be counter productive.

We're up against the Kingdom of Ardent. Initially, we thought that it would be easy since there's a few million gap in the overall CP the day prior to the war. We were surprised when we noticed at the event that there's actually less than 300,00 CP difference. Their initial 1M+ CP players which were originally 9 increased to 14. It would be a challenge but it was doable. I was assigned to the back up team that should provide assistance in the mid-bot area but it was not followed later because we had to provide support especially to our high CP members. Our leader was also given the task to set up the barricades so we had to be near him in case he got ambushed before putting it up. There are teleportation portals located in the North and South area that could be decisive if used correctly.

The early control from our side was pretty successful as we managed to get 7 out of 8 stations but since the opponent also have their arsenal of powerhouses they managed to recapture almost 5 at some point in time. I was literally a canon fodder in this battle but I had to do my best. Healing our leader is my top priority. The stuns I landed from time to time also provided some breathing room for my fleeing teammates. They had a very strong witch in their line-up and I think I died a few times because of her. The combo of a 1.4M CP character was no joke for my character even in full health and with enough shielding.

Few of our Kingdom's party got dissolved because of the absence of some members. The main strategy remained the same though and that was to gank most of their high CP members and kill them later on. For every kill, a player's spawn time increases so it would be advantageous for us once we put their aces out of the picture for a good amount of time. Although they almost got us a few times when they made an ambush the gap in the final points was quite huge with us at 10,000 while them at around 5,600. I guess our aces played it smarter than theirs. I thought we're gonna lose when they re-captured the mid but thankfully our members persevere till the end and brought it back. I killed 6 people which is already satisfactory since I was one of the players who had the lowest CP. We won in the end and occupied the earth element relic Fairy King's Gift.

And that's all for today. Hope to see you soon.

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