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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Event Recap, Field Boss S2 (+ First Time Battling Flame Knight Ras)

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1 month ago

Hello everyone!

The end of the Legendary Genie Event brought some unfamiliarity. It seems that I got used to the appearance of Dusk Syndicate members every now and then. They popped out almost everywhere, be it on grinding, talking to suspicious NPC's and even breaking social objects in the game. They were literally everywhere and suddenly they were gone. Even though I was only active through the latter parts particularly during the last week, I still manage to receive some awesome benefits through participating. I tried my best to farm Toco's in the Team Dungeon Hard Mode but even with my last 7 entries what I only received at best was the accessory gift boxes for familiars. Well, my Toco did still reached its 7th awakening and still have an extra piece ready for the 8th. Hopefully I'd get another one via familiar summon tickets or through hatching for a surefire upgrade.

Here at Chaos Fields farming for Clover Gems Silverbeard lasted alot longer this time

Aside for awakening my event familiar to a satisfactory level I've also received some interesting titles. Titles are accomplishments that can be displayed above the characters name. They range from different colors and designs based on rarity. Before the event ended I received the 'Genie Ranger' and 'Syndicate Spotter' titles. Each gives additional attributes and a significant increase in Character Power(CP). The 'Genie Ranger' is displayed in blue font with curve daggers in each side. It gives an additional 25 attack, 50 defense and 600 CP. On the other hand, the 'Syndicate Spotter' is displayed in violet font which for me gives a regal impression. It has blue green genie lamps in each side and raises attack by 50, defense by 75 and CP by a whopping 1025! I failed to get the 'Genie Conqueror' but it was not surprising since you need lots of activity during the event and a high CP to be at least qualified to do so.

More than 10k CP bonus from the past event!

After the event ended there was an update. Of course, the stats that was provided by the lamp quest which was gone for good. What surprised me was the episode records collectible, Episode: Dusk Genie Lamp. Although it didn't boost my CP like the previous event buff the 10,095 for Grade 36 completion is still satisfying and would surely be a great help in future grinding and adventuring.

Silverbeard lasted alot longer this time

What I regret last field boss season was being unable to get the two titles from hunting field bosses. Last season a player can achieve these titles for free (needs a lot of grinding though) but now a player needs to purchase the premium pass. Another downside is that the field bosses are much stronger than before. The field bosses Silverbeard, Vulcan and Giganti in particular have insane improvements in both level and the CP recommendation. Silverbeard's CP recommendation alone almost doubled from it's previous 263k to it's present 526k.

Weather Update: Giganti can one hit you once again

The player base is improving at a rapid pace so I guess it's still understandable. These bosses indeed had to have some improvements since they didn't last much like they used to be in the early days. Before the update I'd seen Giganti's being taken down under a minute. It might be brutal from folks with lower CP's like me but I couldn't really reject the idea because this one is a positive change especially for driving more competition in the game.

We just had Kingdom defense and Kingdom raid in my new guild. I was late by 15 minutes in the KD and my guildmates already finished tiers 1 and 2. The third tier seems to be doable but a lot of our strong members were not around so we got rekt. The mid lane of our defense fail and we couldn't hold the swarm of level 80 monsters with our numbers back then. It's still a fun experience. I thought that the schedule is 8:00 p.m. but it's 3:00 p.m. when I re-read it. My eyes have gone bad I think. Anyways, I still manage to attend so I might be saved just for this week.

Aside from the Kingdom defense we also did Kingdom raids. In my last guild we only finished tier 3 of the Treant Statue dungeon. We tried tier 4 there but failed every time. It's very different here obviously because there are lots of members way above 1,000,000 CP. It only took us around 4 minutes to clear the tier 5 of the dungeon which is a far cry from my previous experience. It's also the first time I go against 'The Flame Knight Ras'. This kingdom dungeon boss has fewer crowd controls and minion spawns compared to the Treant Statue but his damage was insane. The tier 3's health alone was double the hp of the tier 5 Treant Statue. Although the attacks patterns were simpler don't ever underestimate this one because it has a wide range of normal attack. We didn't even tried tier 4, Flame Knight Ras with his monstrous health and power would decimate us even if we have lots of 1M+ CP members. In the end we opted to raid the level 5 Treant Statue once again for our last kingdom dungeon raid.

That's all for today. Thank you very much for reading.

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Written by   14
1 month ago
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