Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Enhancement Dilemmas, Laggy FB Hunting and 8 Tckts in Familiar Adventure

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7 months ago
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Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday!

After months of grinding I've reached level 73 and 800,000 character power. The sad thing is that I'm now broke in terms of gold because of the several upgrades I made these past few days. It's almost a month since I've started focusing my resources on maxing out my Guardian rifle. There's no problem with the level as varnishes are pretty easy to farm. The enhancement and awakening though are pretty tricky to obtain. The past events helped me to gather spare rifles for the awakening. It's now at it's 9th and I think I need to get another 2 or 3 to maxed it out. That would surely take a good number of territes but I noticed that I craft fire element most of the time so let's at least be hopeful.

Enhancement Dilemmas
Although maxing out the awakening to 10 gives some huge boost in CP. And aside from that it's also something you can flex to your friends and guildmates as 4-star equipment are pretty hard to come by, much more awakening them to their max tier. Enhancement on the other hand could be a challenge especially if you're not very lucky like in my case. Enhancing to +10 is easy because the circular enhancement stones are not that hard to get. Past +10 it becomes a challenge as you'd need the triangular one which is more than 10x rarer than the former. Worse is that the success rate decreases and the territe consumption increases while you upgrade it further.

Take a look in this video. Yesterday, I already tried enhancing it two times but I failed. I noticed that there's an option to convert circular enhancement stones to triangular ones in the medal shop. The ratio is 10:1 with either 50 purification medals or 25 honor medals being consumed depending on the medal type. I tried another two enhancements today and I even used my rainbow colored stone but still had the same result. I never thought 25% success rate is this abysmal. Even with the a good number of four-leaf clovers as consolations it's still difficult to swallow such results. To add salt to the wound it took me 8 attempts to enhance from +16 to +17. That's more or less 200 territes, now I'm in the same situation.

Laggy Field Boss Hunting
Every 5 and 11 (a.m/p.m) local time field bosses spawn in their respective maps. It's always great to have a party while hunting them because it raises the player's chances of survival. Additional healing buffs, shielding and mobility buffs can become handy especially now that field bosses are upgraded. It's just a pity that my experience this time was not enjoyable because of the lags. The FB spawn at 11 p.m. is often the most crowded and coupled with my unreliable internet connection I barely played my role as a healer in our party.

The battle with Silverbeard was still manageable as the delay was only 2-3 seconds. It's a different story when dealing with Vulcan . Other player's avatar took more than 5 seconds to show. I'm still lucky because Vulcan can't one shot my chracter even with it's CP and level upgrade. There were times that I couldn't use the dodge button and just found myself stumbling 2-3 seconds after. It's a different story once again with Giganti as it's massive AOE skill can obliterate me when I'm not in full health. Like I said it only gets worse. I left the party when we arrived at the wolf boss in the witches' woods. The lag was so bad that it became unbearable.

8 Tickets in Familiar Adventure
Familiar Adventure is one of my favorite mini-games. There are tons of resources to choose from but be reminded that there are limited number of tickets given each day. For a long time I'm used to budgeting 6 tickets so I was surprised today when the level of Familiar Adventure rose from 11 to 12 giving me two additional tickets. Battling wild familiars costs a ticket while gathering resources costs 2 tickets. It's amazing that I'm now seeing level 7 familiar mobs and resource nodes all over the map. The map itself seems to be larger compared from before.

I tried battling monsters guarding a tier 7 Prism node but was decimated even with my ace team. The match up was pretty bad as the monster were composed mainly of fire and light alignment, My tank is dark and the other familiars are mostly earth so it's expected. I can win against tier 7 mobs but they should either be earth, water or dark. There's a huge leap in rewards in winning against t7 compared to t6. They drop alot of familiar toys usable for combining and the bean pods they drop are 4-stars which give lots of experience in leveling familiars.

That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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