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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || +21 Cursed Saintly Circlet / 1,000,000 CP Achieved / The 1,000 Spot

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2 months ago

Hello there everyone!

It's been a while since our last update on NNK but worry not cause we got lots of incredible progress to report. The first one is that I successfully cursed an equipment after so many attempts. After spending millions of gilders and thousands of territes I finally made it. For those who have no idea of what 'cursing' is, it's basically a way of improving the equipment albeit in a riskier way.

If you read forums and game guides some of them recommends cursing an equipment after the 30th enhancement but that is not very friendly for free-to-play and casual players. This is also the reason why I cursed my Saintly Circlet after successfully achieving it's 20th enhancement.

Actually, I was really planning on cursing my Guardian Rifle but I was unlucky in enhancing it, until now it's stuck at +19. I tried gathering red enhancements stones for weeks but still failed to achieve +20. It was really depressing so I opted to go with the next best option which was the Saintly Circlet. Weapons are more preferable since it's very useful in both grinding and in PVP but since I didn't have enough fire element enhancement stones and my other rifles were still not optimally upgraded I chose to curse the circlet instead.

Aside from having a +20 and up equipment a player should also have at least 100 territe, 1 of the highest tier enhancement stone of the same element, some dark magic crystals and decent amount of gilders. You can go to the Burning Desert and look for the warlock brothers. Fair warning, be sure to have a couple of sets of the said materials because there's a chance of failure and when that happens the enhancement will revert back and/or you might break the equipment.

The 1,000th Spot

Last video my main character's CP was barely at 900k, now it already passed 1 Mil. It's an important achievement as I've noticed that most decent boss hunt parties require this number for their members. Also most members of our guild are already passed 1M CP so this is quite reassuring that I won't get kicked out for the time being. Hehehe.

Aside for the social advantages of having a higher CP there's also the more practical side which is grinding. It's easier and faster to kill mobs meaning that experience and loots also accumulate faster. Another great thing is that it's easier to maintain a higher ranking in the Duel Arena. Unlike the Lava Valley in which a player have teammates to rely on the results in Duel Arena are purely a product of oneself.

The first and second of my three matches for today were against a 950k and a 1.06 M CP barbarians. Although I was at an advantage for having higher power rating in the first match it's just a number if i was against a skilled user. Thankfully, opponents in the duel arena are operated by bots and they don't have dodge mechanics so it's pretty easy even if you are up against a strong opponent.

Even if I can't use my stun I'm more inclined to battle in this settings. Witch's Woods Duel yard provides a duel environment with Silence, Increase in ATKSPD and HP increased by 100%. The problem with facing with barbarians is that it's difficult to dodge their skills. They have this leap skill that enables them to come close to you in the blink of an eye. Their CC and AOE skills is just as terrible to face against. having them silence ensures that they won't use this annoying skill set. They also have lower ATKSPD compared to other classes so this setting is not really favorable for them.

The last match was against a 1.075 M CP witch. I was quite surprised that I outdid them in basic attack exchange. Witches are known to have high attack output so it's quite shocking that my health was still more than 50% after the bout. Seems like most of their raw damage comes from skills which explains why they have little damage output in this fight.

The great thing was that we did managed to stay within the top 1,000 spots.

Breaking Personal Records in the Power Up Dungeon

It's only recent when I discovered this very helpful auto-clear button for Power Up dungeons. Basically, a player can save their time by finishing the task by just one-click. The reward given is based on the highest reward they got from their previous entries. To save time I've been doing auto-clear since I've discovered it's wonders but I have to try and improve the rewards today because of my recent CP boosts.

In tier 6 of Familiar Cradle I usually slayed 61-63 monsters at 880k CP but now I managed to improve the numbers by 10. I don't know if other players do this but I don't try the next before I aced (obtain 100 kills) in my current tier. there's also some significant improvements in Fire Temple as I was still left with 17 seconds after finishing the obstacle. Biggest jump on rewards was on Goldbeards Pirate Ship as I reached boss phase 15 compared to the previous sessions when I only achieved phase 12. There's almost 30k difference in gilders as reward and an additional treasure chest.

Well, as much as I'd like to update you guys this is all for today. I wish you all blessed Sunday. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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Written by   15
2 months ago
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