I created a HIVE ISLAND on World Box - God Simulator

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Hello there guys.

Today is a bit different as we're doing a World Box post. I've been playing the game for a while on mobile when I decided to buy the PC version on Steam. The premium mobile version only costs 200 Php ($3.49) but I decided to go with the PC version (costs around 449.50 Php ($7.99) because of the larger screen. It's easier to navigate given that characters and organisms are quite hard to observe especially in larger maps.

Our example for today is quite special as I made an island shaped with Hive's logo. It's not perfect but I did enjoy the process and that's more important, I guess.

To create a world just hit the sphere with the green pencil icon. For this project I chose a standard size empty world. There are many presets available like Continent, Cubicles, Chaos Lasagna and many more. Each of these maps comes in 8 different sizes ranging from Tiny to Iceberg. Just be mindful that larger maps need more processing power, it can get quite laggy if your specs is as terrible as mine. There are also tons of player created maps available in the Steam Workshop, another reason why it's difficult to get bored when playing this game.

Since we're doing an island for this one what I first did was to create the basic layers for the surrounding ocean. The default palette was actually a 'Deep Ocean' so we have to create an illusion that the water is getting shallower as we go near the islands. I made a mistake earlier because what I did was to outline the logo using the lightest blue bubble , 'Shallow Waters'. Later did I realized that to create a more realistic depth I needed to place this layer over a layer of 'Close Ocean' which is like the middle tone between the 'Shallow Waters' and the 'Deep Ocean' bubbles.

One thing I like about World Box is it's similarity to your basic image manipulation software like MS Paint and GIMP. The terrain is fully customizable using a set of different brushes which also vary in sizes. For the water layers I used the one that looks like a spray paint splatter.

After several minutes of dabbling here and there I finally finished the rough layout for the surrounding waters. It's not perfect but I was contented since it already got the basic shape. I started creating the island and just like the waters I opted to make layers of different soil types. Since it's an island the first and largest layer would be sand. I used the diamond shaped brush to do the job. My hands are not really stable ever since, my friends sometimes call me 'pasmado' for this reason.

After doing the sand layer I did some trimming by using the waters. There were areas that were quite big so I used 'Shallow Waters' as an eraser. I also adjusted the the areas to make sure there were no 'Deep Water' close to the beach. Just imagine if you would go to the beach and the moment you set your foot in the water your whole body suddenly plunge, that would suck right?

Coconut trees and cacti were starting to flourish after I did the trimming. Next was to create the soil layers. Doing soil layers was just like what I did with the waters the only difference was that as we went to the center the concentration of the soil became richer. After I put 'Plain Soil' above the sand, I then added a bit of 'Jungle Soil' above it. Now, here's the fun part. Last part of the terrain I added was the hills and the mountains.

The island was born and like humans it was born naked, that's why we have the biomes. Biomes are like clothes of the terrains and they range from normal ones like grassland and jungle to very peculiar ones like candy and lemon. For this project I opted to stay on the 'normal' side of things. We also added a volcano above and a tiny islet in the north eastern part.

There were already little creatures like chickens, rabbits and crabs. Crabs like coconuts naturally spawn on sand. Chicken and rabbits on the other hand need grass to feed. After adding the frogs and the turtles I summoned the first human. Since, I don't want this map to be a warzone I decided to only have one kingdom. And yes, the kingdom's name is so unique I doubt that it'd plagiarized. Lol. Although there were no other kingdoms present I wanted the scenario to be more dynamic. I summoned dragons once in a while but sadly the people were too late developing bows. Even with the 'Dragonslayer' trait it took them a while to slay the first dragon.

The wolves I place in the lower middle island was not a challenge as the kingdom expanded with ease. However, the towers of ice and fire I positioned north and south of the last island was quite a pain for the kingdom. I connected the middle island when they conquered it and let them brawl with the demons and the 'cold ones' which took a long time. Demons and Cold ones are quite overpowered with their 40 attack so it's quite understandable. I wanted to play with this island more but someone came so I had to pause the game. It's over an hour but the actual playing time was around 40.

I already saved the map and even uploaded it in the workshop. Please do search and subscribe to "Hive Island by LKP" if you want to play in it. Also I'd appreciate the likes for the achievement.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading. :)

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