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Easy Peasy Pork Liver and Bokchoy Sauté by LKP

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3 months ago

Today, I'd be sharing with you a super simple and super fast recipe.

This would be great for people who are on the rush and/or just lazy to wait and cook for a long time. The inspiration for this is the mostly the leftovers we had from the fridge. Last night, I bought a lot of skewers from the barbeque guy and we still had some two big pork liver leftovers. The other day, I went to the wet market and bought lots of vegetables like carrots, potatoes etc... I just noticed that the bok choy (a.k.a pechay) was starting to wilt. My careless sister put it under the heavy veggies so I didn't notice it earlier.

Now, I promise that it'd be super fast, so enough of my inner monologue for now.

The ingredients:

Liver (grilled, leftovers) - around 120 grams
Bok Choy (pechay cleaned and rinsed in running water) - 2 bundles
Salt and Pepper
Soy sauce
MSG (optional)
Oyster sauce (optional)

You'd notice that there are two pieces of okra. I might not notice them. They were still perishable and might if forgotten. So, instead of throwing them in the near future I just added them. Anyways, okra's cook time is around 5 minutes while bok choy is around 2-3 minutes if I remembered correctly.

Here's a bunch of shots I randomly took:

Step 1:

After preparing the ingredients. We heat a some oil in the frying pan.
Sauté garlic and onions and wait for not more than a minute.
We are in high heat so we need to keep time in check.

Step 2:

Next is to add the leftover liver. It's already cooked and seasoned so just add a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. Mix well but do not overcook. It can be very hard and chewy if you overcooked it. #likerubber

Step 3:

Next is add the vegetables! And this how I went wrong, I should have added the okra two minutes earlier. I told you guys to check the time! But what a pity I forgot to check the ingredients again.

Bok choy already holds plenty of water. So if you'll add some be careful lest it will turn into soup.

Add some soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and pepper .

And we're done people!

A pity the bok choy wilted a bit because of my carelessness. Still acceptable though, it's still green and there still some crunch.

After that I ate one of the cheapest dinner of my life.

That's all for now. See you soon Foodies.


This is also posted on my hive blog.

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Written by   6
3 months ago
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