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5 point demand including keeping the restaurant open all the time

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2 years ago

5 point demand including keeping the restaurant open all the time

The restaurant owners association wants to keep the restaurant open from 8am to 12pm. They say, now there is no government restriction in this case. But in many cases the police and the local administration are not allowing the restaurant to remain open. The demand was made by the owners' association at a press conference on Sunday. At the press conference, the leaders of the association made five demands to the government.

Secretary General of the organization RK Sarkar read out the keynote address at the online press conference. He said the number of shoppers in restaurants has been declining since the first coronavirus patient was identified in the country on March 8. In the third week of March the buyer came down to absolutely zero. He said restaurant owners are in big trouble. The workers are in trouble.

The five demands made by the government are:

1. To clarify the 'hotel-restaurant' sector with food, food and services by amending the notification issued on May 26 regarding general holidays.

2. Gas, electricity and water bills will be collected at the rate of 10 percent per month from January 2021. Now do not disconnect for outstanding bills.

3. Providing loan assistance to restaurant owners at low interest rates like the garment sector.

4. The government is also providing assistance to restaurant workers as part of its support for low-income people.

5. In the budget, allocation of Tk.

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