My Mom

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2 years ago

Mom, the sweetest word I have ever encountered

Her love is unconditional and boundless

She is a pillar of strength and courage

She is a warrior with her heart as her weapon and shield

Staying home for the family, she chose it

I could never be more proud of that

Her artistry, her talent, she poured on us

She love us with all of her being

She might not agree to everything her children does

But she can always be expected to never turn us away

She always supports our dreams and plans

She is always there even when we fail

Even now that she is turning 71

She still takes care of us whenever she can

She cooks, she tends to all of us

That's how a superwoman Mom is

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How i wish my mom is here.. i really miss her so much!..

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2 years ago

Moms will always keep their children in their hearts forever. ❤

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2 years ago